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Rally On Fellow Patriots!

It’s once again Wednesday.  And what do I (and about 40+ other American Patriots) do on Wednesdays during our lunch hour?  WE rally!  Had great response from traffic, thumbs up and horns blaring.  Oh but a few occasional thumbs down or the middle finger.  God bless their little hearts.

We rally for limited government.  We rally for less government spending.  We rally for personal responsibility.  We rally for freedom and liberty for all!  We rally for fiscal accountability.  We rally for free markets!

As good Patriots of this great country we understand that the government cannot and will never be able to run our lives better than we can.  Limited government allows the free markets to decide who will fail and who will not.  No company should be “too big to fail” as you hear a lot of the television lately.

Government should not take away from companies’ abilities to compete.  That is what makes the free market work…less government.

Everything the government puts its dirty hands into ends up a larger disaster than the last.

Look at the banking industry.  Now the automobile industry.  Next they probably would like to nationalize the oil industry as they are trying to do with the healthcare industry.

We are Patriots of The United States of America.  We are not racists, nor are we a violent angry mob as some would like to portray.

Today we had some 15 year old girls drive by our street corner rally and yell “NOT EVEN COOL GUYS…NOT EVEN COOL”.  What is ‘not cool’ about being patriotic and rallying for freedom and liberty for all?  So they have the freedom to tell us – that is not cool…They do not get it.

It makes me laugh to see people say such a thing.  They do not have a clue as to what the issues are and if you try to argue facts with them they immediately come back with “well…you just don’t want a black man in the White House”.  Ignorance is bliss. Is that what they say?  That has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we enjoy living in a free country where you are free pursue your dreams!

The budget is going to kill us all, white,black, red, or yellow!  Bankruptcy chooses no favorites.  We have a government that spends out of control and doesn’t even raise an eyebrow at the question of how we will ever pay it back.  This country is broke.  Let’s face it.

So…the next time you drive by our rally honking and waving I recommend you stop and talk to us.  Join us!  We can’t do this without you.  We need all Americans on our side.  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.  This is not a party issue.  It’s an American issue.  Our country’s health is at stake!

So, with that, I say “Rally On!”


“We are the Feds…and We are here to help YOU” ???

Really?  I don’t believe you!

Just back from what we could choke down in Bozeman at the Small Business Workshop thrown by our very own Montana Senator Jon Tester (partnered with other government bureaucrats and Max Baucus himself).

This is by far the worst reason I have ever risen at the ‘crack of dawn’ to leave town.  I didn’t intend on actually learning anything once I arrived but I thought at least I’d figure out how to get 5 million of the tax payers dollar (just kidding), alhough we could do a lot with Montana Shrugged with a check like that!  Community Organizers we are….

It ended up being a big dog and pony show with government agency reps suggesting they know best and they know how to run our lives if we would just let them.  Only problem is…they don’t.

Our very own Senator Jon Tester opened the day with the Pledge of Allegiance , not sure from his vote in Congress that he believes it!  Then he went on to say what you hear everyday ‘jobs for Montanan’s….’ and so on and so forth.  Lie and lie after lie.  Then Max Baucus showed up and gave his statement to the concerned and mostly unemployed business leader crowd.  I did not realize he came on Best Western  letterhead.  A gracious and slightly embarrassed intern read his ever droning words.  Please see video below!

Obviously you can see by watching video that what Max had to say was same as always as well!  The message never comes directly from his own mouth, may I add!  Tester and Baucus, where are the townhalls?

The first presentation was given by a woman by the name of Maureen Jewell.  She works for The Montana Procurement Technical Assistance Center.  Since the Federal Government is so good at making up acronyms we will call it the PTAC for simplicity.

Federal Contracting 101:  What I learned (or had to choke down)

First and foremost, “Watch out taxpayers we are here to give away your hard earned money”.  We print worthless money and then we either buy stuff from you or lend it to you with interest due.

I learned from Maureen that “the federal government can kill a business who is in a precarious position” .  The “federal government is not good for those types of companies”.  Hmmm, I wonder why?

A few more acronyms later,  I learned that the there is nothing the Federal Government has not and does not purchase, i.e. comic books.   I know of many websites that I can go to if I want to wade through this bureaucracy but if I just visit just one , chances are I will never get anywhere.  If you are on fifth site answering questions and you make one error, you must start over.  One would need a good team of accountants, businessmen and attorneys to make it work.  Where is the EASY button when you need it.

Just as a note to yourself, do not apply for a federal contract of any sort if you have not paid a portion of your taxes or have debt with the feds of any sort.  That brings up one of their red flags with the IRS which immediately gets you thrown in jail without your $200.  I wonder how all those politicians and corrupt people in Washington have continued to stay on the payroll? Hmmm…

Then she had the gall to add “Did you know that the government is not as depressed as the rest of the country?”  WHAT?  I just wanted to shout “Well did you know that the government doesn’t actually and never has made any money on their own?  They just take from the people or print more monopoly money when they deem necessary!”  Ignorance is bliss right?  I believe they are brainwashed, what do you think?

I also want to point out a comparison used multiple times while we were sitting through hell this morning.  Did you know that a federal government contract is like a teeter totter?  Remember those when you were a kid?  Just think about it this way: You are one side (hanging on by a toenail…..) and the federal government on the other side.  Only problem is that the federal government weighs about 700,000 pounds and should be contestant on NBC’s Biggest Loser!  You lose.  Hello Moonwalk.

Oh yeah, and while I’m on side notes did you know the federal government is the single largest buyer in the entire world?  Interesting right?  Maybe we should all stop filing taxes and the federal government would finally be as depressed as the rest of us.  Oh that is right, they will just print more funny money.

Everything with the federal government is always set in stone until they change it.  Everything is ‘one way’ until they decide that the rules should change and that happens often and without prior notice.  Be wary when dealing with them and ever on the alert.

OK, on to the second presentation of the morning.  Keep in mind at this point my coffee was gone and I’d been up since 4AM!  This presentation was given by The Montana Department of Administration.  Mr. Bob Oliver was representing that department.

I learned nothing more from him except I thought three things that caught my curiousity.

  1. Montana is a very unique state.  (I knew that of course but I did not see where he was going with this comment.)  All meetings within his department are open to the public.  I started thinking, well that is great!  Open to public comment?  Then he struck me down with “the public  just cannot contribute anything to the meetings”.    So how is this a good thing?  One can go to the meetings and waste time but one is never given the opportunity to open mouth and voice opinion?  Silent Transparency…you can see but you cannot comment.    Of course it is the government way or the highway!
  2. I must not forget the second thing I learned from his presentation.  A bid that is late is ALWAYS late, no excuses.  It doesn’t even matter if it’s late due to global warming!  Or a fax machine that is broke because you don’t have the money to fix it.  It’s even late if the USPS screws up the mail!
  3. Never forget to go through the state’s checklist before submitting a bid.  Would you like to know that it’s 220 pages long?  Yep, you better get started now!

OK, on to the last presentation we could stomach the patience for was  given by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  This one was apparently so important it took 3 people to present!  It was ‘recovery act’ this and ‘recovery act’ that.  Stimulus this and stimulus that.

That’s honestly all I heard until about the very end where the guy looked over at Senator Jon Tester and said “Because Mr. Senator-We are here to hand out free money isn’t that right?”  The nation is nearly bankrupt and they call this free money.  What about our grandchildren.  Are we going to have to sell them into slavery to pay our bills.  God Help Us All.

I’ve never been fond of the Government telling me how to run my life and I’m not even 30!  The government is better left limited.  The people can do a much better and more efficient job!  At least, the majority of people…

They broke meeting here for 15 minute break so we grabbed Montana Shrugged Business card and headed Tester’s way to shake his hand, give him business card and asked him to be on our TV show which airs Thursdays at 8PM on Channel 7 (Bresnan).  He agreed.  We washed our hands and swiftly left the building.  Back to Billings.  Back to the TEA party.  Back to reality… Whew what a deal.

And those poor unemployed broke back business persons that stayed would have to stand in line to talk to the contract agents…….. take a number and get back to me…..


Community Organizer

TEA Party supports Crow Nation & Big Horn County TEA Party!

Hardin, MT – February 15, 2010

I am excited to tell you that we have an exceptionally exciting rally in Hardin, MT yesterday afternoon with the Crow Nation and Big Horn County TEA party!

A member of the Crow Nation hold up home made protest signs for their first TEA Party Rally in Downtown Hardin.

We had members from tea parties in Great Falls, Bozeman, Big Timber, Helena, Townsend, Billings and Miles City show their support by rallying with us!

Members of TEA Parties from across the state showed up in force to support the Crow Nation.

We even had the Billings Gazette and the local Hardin newspaper show up to interview some of the members as well as take pictures and video!

You can read the article here:

You can watch the video here: Native American Tea Party group starts on Crow Reservation

Members of the Crow Tribe contacted Montana Shrugged weeks before their rally and visited our rallies multiple times before holding their own in downtown Hardin, MT.  The Crow Nation 1825 Peace Treaty Allotee Land Commission joins the Tea Party movement in hopes to end government control on the Crow reservation.

One individual within the new Crow Nation Tea Party was Adrian Bird Sr., a former tribal chairman candidate who recently filed a civil complaint against the Crow executive branch alleging malfeasance for mismanaging tribal funds.  The Birds and Plains Bull Martin accuse the administration of mismanaging “tribal funds regarding education, employment, housing, casino finances,” and they accuse the tribal leadership of “total disregard of our laws and policies as the Crow Nation.” (courtesy of the Billings Gazette)

Members of the TEA Parties from across the state who joined say they wanted to show their support for the Crow Tribe.  Anybody who stands for freedom and liberty and who are opposed to unrestricted government spending, we want to support.  We see the parallels of what they are living through to what the rest of our country will see if the federal government grows to take over healthcare, natural resource development, schools, etc.

Montana Shrugged

GOP Kickoff In Great Falls, MT, Success For TEA Parties!

Great Falls, Mont., February 12, 2010

Tea Party leaders from Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Helena, Big Timber and Glendive met in Great Falls to network, learn from each other and discuss the formation of the Montana Tea Party Coalition.

TEA Party Organizers of Montana Shrugged mingle with folks excited to see the outcome of the upcoming election!

The Tea Party movement has strong brand identification, one of the strongest of any political organization in the United States.  Along with holding freedom rallies, protests and educational events, members of the Tea Party in Montana are looking to leverage its brand and its broad support among Montanans to impact the 2010 elections and the public policy debate.

The Montana Tea Party is working on identifying candidates who support its principles of limited government, fiscal accountability, free market economy and Constitutional goverment.

The first coalition meeting, held on Friday, February 12 while the GOP hosted their kickoff event for legislative candidates, was also timed to send a specific message to the GOP and other national organizations or national personalities:

“Welcome us, get to know us, but don’t try to take us over and don’t take us for granted.”

This message was echoed by Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-MN, who addressed the GOP Kickoff by phone. Bachmann said, “All across the country in deep blue states, with the traction of Tea Party and Constitutional conservatives, we’re seeing a new energy that we’ve never seen before! I just want to encourage you to embrace this new energy and vibrancy and movement.”

Congressman Rehberg hold Q&A with TEA Party leaders from across the state.

Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-MT, requested a meeting with the Montana Tea Party Coalition which was also attended by state representatives affiliated with the Tea Party movement including Reps. Joel Boniek, Mike Miller and Gordy Vance.  During the meeting, Rehberg reiterated that he has no desire to takeover the TeaParty but also urged us not run third party candidates which would likely assure victory for the Democrats. He pointed the example of his 1996 race against Sen. Max Baucus for the Montana Senate seat which Rehberg lost by 16,000 votes.  Rehberg said that a Baucus intern ran as a Reform Party candidate and drew 25,000 votes. The Reform Party was founded by Ross Perot in 1992 and qualified to field candidates in Montana elections.  Rehberg supports Audit the Fed legislation and meets weekly with Ron Paul and the Liberty Caucus. Responding to a question from Ken Champion, Bozeman Tea Party Chairman, Rehberg said he’d look into co-sponsoring HR 450, the Enumerated Powers Act, a bill that would require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes.

Please stay tuned for what is next for the TEA party groups across Montana!  This is a very exciting year and as the election approaches you should expect to hear from us!

Montana Shrugged


Welcome to our Blog!

We are Montana Shrugged, TEA Party Patriots, in Billings, Montana!

We created Montana Shrugged back in April, 2009 like most active TEA Parties today with our first protest being on tax day.

Since then we have sprouted into over 1600 members and hold a rally every week!  We have embraced ‘new media’ and by doing so we have had multiple articles on the front page of our local newspaper!

Our ultimate mission is to educate the public on issues such as our Constitution, electing politicians to office who hold solid conservative principles and values in order to protect the constitution, our freedoms and our  liberties!

We stand for limited government, personal responsibility, fiscal accountability and free markets.  We want our elected officials to remember that they, in fact, work for us!  They are public servants and they need to keep their eyes and ears open to what the people want.

So, please stand with us.  Join us!  Let us take back our country for what it was meant to be!

Montana Shrugged

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