TEA Party supports Crow Nation & Big Horn County TEA Party!

Hardin, MT – February 15, 2010

I am excited to tell you that we have an exceptionally exciting rally in Hardin, MT yesterday afternoon with the Crow Nation and Big Horn County TEA party!

A member of the Crow Nation hold up home made protest signs for their first TEA Party Rally in Downtown Hardin.

We had members from tea parties in Great Falls, Bozeman, Big Timber, Helena, Townsend, Billings and Miles City show their support by rallying with us!

Members of TEA Parties from across the state showed up in force to support the Crow Nation.

We even had the Billings Gazette and the local Hardin newspaper show up to interview some of the members as well as take pictures and video!

You can read the article here:  http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/article_1074f29c-1aa0-11df-998a-001cc4c002e0.html

You can watch the video here: Native American Tea Party group starts on Crow Reservation http://billingsgazette.com/video/

Members of the Crow Tribe contacted Montana Shrugged weeks before their rally and visited our rallies multiple times before holding their own in downtown Hardin, MT.  The Crow Nation 1825 Peace Treaty Allotee Land Commission joins the Tea Party movement in hopes to end government control on the Crow reservation.

One individual within the new Crow Nation Tea Party was Adrian Bird Sr., a former tribal chairman candidate who recently filed a civil complaint against the Crow executive branch alleging malfeasance for mismanaging tribal funds.  The Birds and Plains Bull Martin accuse the administration of mismanaging “tribal funds regarding education, employment, housing, casino finances,” and they accuse the tribal leadership of “total disregard of our laws and policies as the Crow Nation.” (courtesy of the Billings Gazette)

Members of the TEA Parties from across the state who joined say they wanted to show their support for the Crow Tribe.  Anybody who stands for freedom and liberty and who are opposed to unrestricted government spending, we want to support.  We see the parallels of what they are living through to what the rest of our country will see if the federal government grows to take over healthcare, natural resource development, schools, etc.

Montana Shrugged


3 responses to “TEA Party supports Crow Nation & Big Horn County TEA Party!

  • Eric Olsen

    So the Patriots dressed up as Indians to dump the Tea into Boston Harbor to protest the British tax on tea…Dec 16th, 1773, so

    Do the Indians of Montana top that by coming back as Patriots and telling Montanans about what the Nanny State really looks like on an American Indian reservation:

    1) 100% Government-run healthcare,
    2) Under-performing government-run schools,
    3) Distribution of welfare by the BIA (nanny-state),
    4) Tribe members fighting among themselves (?).

    This is the price of socialism, when the government provides for all and very few excel and many succumb to the PROMISE of “we’ll take care of you”.
    Socialism is evil and tempts people to take the easier route which entraps them down the slippery slope into the SLAVERY of the government!
    See “There is No Alternative” by Berlinski, The Story of Prime Minister’s Margaret Thatcher’s Fight to Defeat 35 years of socialism in England after WWII.

  • Billings Man

    This is just more proof that you cannot buy happiness with money, even the money that Obama asks the Fed to print just for that purpose. I love it when the Indians call bullshit on American government promises! Go Crow TEA Party!

  • Oliver Hugs

    well it’s about time my people are realizing the mistake we made, by listening to the sack of bullshit thrown our way, and then electing it’s author!, I have eyes in the most inconspicuous places, most of my friends know the places i have lived in, and i still have friends in those places as well as “home”, boy some of the stories they have to tell about how our tribal funds are being enjoyed by the chairman, or should I say Robbing hood and his merry band of thieves? How can the tribal chaiman afford a home in Las vegas as well as one in Billings? and why is he often seen checking in to the Hamton Inn, when he has a home in the same town? Damn we must pay him good, as well as all the people we see at Work Shops around National Finals time. Thats ok KARMA will come to see you, Take a look at Clara, and Clifford, THAT my fearless leader is your future, hang in there 80 hr club you won’t lose your jobs, there will another ass to kiss, comming along

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