Welcome to our Blog!

We are Montana Shrugged, TEA Party Patriots, in Billings, Montana!

We created Montana Shrugged back in April, 2009 like most active TEA Parties today with our first protest being on tax day.

Since then we have sprouted into over 1600 members and hold a rally every week!  We have embraced ‘new media’ and by doing so we have had multiple articles on the front page of our local newspaper!

Our ultimate mission is to educate the public on issues such as our Constitution, electing politicians to office who hold solid conservative principles and values in order to protect the constitution, our freedoms and our  liberties!

We stand for limited government, personal responsibility, fiscal accountability and free markets.  We want our elected officials to remember that they, in fact, work for us!  They are public servants and they need to keep their eyes and ears open to what the people want.

So, please stand with us.  Join us!  Let us take back our country for what it was meant to be!

Montana Shrugged


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