Rally On Fellow Patriots!

It’s once again Wednesday.  And what do I (and about 40+ other American Patriots) do on Wednesdays during our lunch hour?  WE rally!  Had great response from traffic, thumbs up and horns blaring.  Oh but a few occasional thumbs down or the middle finger.  God bless their little hearts.

We rally for limited government.  We rally for less government spending.  We rally for personal responsibility.  We rally for freedom and liberty for all!  We rally for fiscal accountability.  We rally for free markets!

As good Patriots of this great country we understand that the government cannot and will never be able to run our lives better than we can.  Limited government allows the free markets to decide who will fail and who will not.  No company should be “too big to fail” as you hear a lot of the television lately.

Government should not take away from companies’ abilities to compete.  That is what makes the free market work…less government.

Everything the government puts its dirty hands into ends up a larger disaster than the last.

Look at the banking industry.  Now the automobile industry.  Next they probably would like to nationalize the oil industry as they are trying to do with the healthcare industry.

We are Patriots of The United States of America.  We are not racists, nor are we a violent angry mob as some would like to portray.

Today we had some 15 year old girls drive by our street corner rally and yell “NOT EVEN COOL GUYS…NOT EVEN COOL”.  What is ‘not cool’ about being patriotic and rallying for freedom and liberty for all?  So they have the freedom to tell us – that is not cool…They do not get it.

It makes me laugh to see people say such a thing.  They do not have a clue as to what the issues are and if you try to argue facts with them they immediately come back with “well…you just don’t want a black man in the White House”.  Ignorance is bliss. Is that what they say?  That has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we enjoy living in a free country where you are free pursue your dreams!

The budget is going to kill us all, white,black, red, or yellow!  Bankruptcy chooses no favorites.  We have a government that spends out of control and doesn’t even raise an eyebrow at the question of how we will ever pay it back.  This country is broke.  Let’s face it.

So…the next time you drive by our rally honking and waving I recommend you stop and talk to us.  Join us!  We can’t do this without you.  We need all Americans on our side.  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.  This is not a party issue.  It’s an American issue.  Our country’s health is at stake!

So, with that, I say “Rally On!”


6 responses to “Rally On Fellow Patriots!

  • Todd Hale

    I wonder if the 15 year olds that drove by even knows what the rallies are all about. Or there teachers and mommy and daddy told them tea parties are bad and wrong. so like well trained sheep they followed right in line.

  • Anaise

    Well my 15 year old thinks you guys are cool and she attended your Gazette rally with two signs and a big smile on her face. Rally on guys!!!!

  • Lark

    I figure there are approx 18,000 TEA Partiots in Montana – how about some of them stepping up and run for Mt. State Legislature? I will file my paper on Monday to run agains Pat Ingraham in Sanders Co. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  • montanashrugged

    My point is that not to many young people understand that it is important to understand you own country’s history. And as we know most young people do not understand it is because history in the classroom has changed like you wouldn’t believe! They don’t actually teach what actually happened in history because someone out there feels it will hurt someone’s feelings! Which, might I add, totally ridiculous!

    I’m glad there are some parents out there that feel the need to educate their teenagers on their own! That is what needs to happen in order to educate people for our future who care about this country…..and it’s future! Unfortunately there are not more of you! Keep up the good work people!

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