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Why the US?

Where have all the good troops gone?  Long time waiting.

Where have all the good troops gone?  Gone to graveyards, everyone.

When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?

Right out of the sixties when our country was in deep protest over the non war in Vietnam.

Vietnam was a tragic clash as it was never called a war.

It was a political battle of wits between the Communists in Red China and the idiot politicos in DC.

Hmmm. Where are we at today…Clashing in Iraq, Skirmishing in Afghanistan.

Protecting country after country across this grand world of ours.

One has to ask………..Why the US? Why our dollars and our kids?

Why not Canadian dollars and Canadian kids?

Why not Chinese dollars and Chinese kids?  After all there are a lot more of them.

Why not Venezuelan dollars and Venezuelan kids?

Why not French, German, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Poland, India, or any of the Stans?

Why why why does America have to defend the world?

Why why why do we have to bust our economy for those who do not appreciate us?

Why why why why why do we continue on such a treacherous path?

Politicians running the clashes……Obama making deals with the criminal leader in Afghanistan—-Karzai…

Why do we have send troops to protect his corrupt ass and then adding insult to injury we promise him billions of our worthless dollars?

Why do we have banks laundering drug cartel money such as Wachovia/Wells Fargo who just got fined …$160 million fine but no heads rolled?

Why do we have such trouble closing out the illegal immigration coming in across our borders.

Why do we have such trouble fighting this War On Drugs?

Could it be that our politicos are embedded in the drug wars?

Could it be our politicos are getting benefits from the drug wars?

Could it be the elitist snobs in DC, Chicago and NY are waging this war on America?

Could it be we are just pawns in an aristocratic game…..Americopoly???????

Wake up folks and rally with us!

Wake up and smell the roses before they are placed on the graves of our brave soldiers fighting for a cause they may not know.

God Bless America and especially our troops. God Help us all!


I exercised my right to bear Arms at the Capital yesterday!

Yesterday many members of Montana Shrugged traveled to the Capital of Montana to join many others with one simple goal:  Make the point to our elected officials in Helena that We The People want to keep our 2nd Amendment Rights.

We carried our guns proudly to show that we will not stand by and allow for the federal and state governments to infringe on the rights given to us by the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution!

Over 400 Montana people showed up at the capital!

Eric and Jennifer stand by listening to several speakers from across the country during the 2nd Amendment Rally at the capital.

The Second Amendment to the United Constitution reads:


There were a few news organizations there which gave their “fair and unbiased”.  Everyone gathered peacefully to listen to speakers from across the country.

Jan and Jennifer, members of Montana Shrugged, pose with their guns on their hips.

One such article can be found on our website at the following link:

Over 400 people gathered to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.

Let’s continue this momentum through the week rallying outside the Billings Gazette Building in downtown Billings on Wednesday, March 31, from 12-1pm!

Please be sure to read the rest of the news article blocks in this email so that you do not miss any of our upcoming events!  April will be a very busy month for Montana Shrugged!

Again as I have stated before, we need your sincere help in growing our ranks. We need your sincere help in financing this effort as well.
Thank you patriots, we look forward to a great and rewarding year.

Jennifer Olsen

MT AG says HC bill IS Constitutional? How exactly?

We all know that the Healthcare bill which just passed in Washington is without a doubt UNCONSTITUTIONAL and had little to do with healthcare.

I do not like how this current administration is working.  They hurry up every bill they pass and then for the healthcare bill, for example, doesn’t actually do anything but collect higher taxes for 4 full years!

Why the so quick to pass this socialist piece of legislation?

Many states Attorney Generals are pursuing a lawsuite against the federal government stating that the healthcare bill is unconstitutional…..which is absolutely correct.

So…..where does MT stand?  Well, after many emails, phone calls, and faxes to the Attorney General of MT, Steve Bullock, here is the response from his secretary, Linda Paulson:

March 25, 2010

Thanks for expressing your concerns about the constitutionality of the recent health care legislation.

We have reviewed the legal arguments that are being used to challenge the legislation, and have concluded that it is highly unlikely it will be found unconstitutional.  This is a conclusion that is shared by the vast majority of legal scholars, liberal and conservative, who have reviewed the issues.  As a result, Montana will not be joining the lawsuit that several state Attorneys General have brought.

People can certainly disagree over whether the health care legislation is good policy.  That does not mean, however, that the State of Montana should spend taxpayer money to file a lawsuit that we do not believe has legal merit.  Like the Republican and Democratic Montana Attorneys General who served before me, I try hard to keep my personal political beliefs out of legal decisions.

My staff and I are busy and working hard to protect the interests of Montanans.  The courts will have the opportunity to judge the merits of the challenges to the health care legislation without the involvement of Montana.  If we are correct and the courts reject the challenges, we will have saved valuable Montana taxpayer resources.  In the unlikely event that the Courts declare the legislation unconstitutional, their decision will apply to all Americans – including all Montanans – even though we weren’t a party to the lawsuit.



Attorney General

How are they “working hard to protect the interests of Montanans” if they are not paying attention to either constitution?  How are they “working hard to protect the interests of Montanans” if they are not willing to listen to Montanans?

I ask for your help in flooding his office with phone calls, faxes, and emails.  If you live nearby, stop in and request to speak to him.  It’s always better to talk to somebody face to face in order to get your point across.

The contact information is as follows:

The phone number is:
Be respectful, but firm in your call.

You can send an email to:

You can send a fax to:

You can mail him at:

P.O. Box 201401
Helena, MT  59620

Thank you for your continued efforts to take America back!

‘Wrong’ vs. ‘Right’ ways to Vote

As though we did not take a large enough blow already this week with the HC bill passing the house…..I receive an email today with a link to the ‘consumer union’ webpage.  It says, click here…..and we’ll let you know how your congressman voted.

So, I insert my zip code and press enter….sure enough, Congressman Rehberg comes up, as well as all his contact information and at the bottom it read “your congressman voted the wrong way”.  Huh?  I thought he voted against it which is what the American people had asked…

Who are they to tell me how they think my congressman voted?  I happen to believe he voted the right way.  I don’t think there should have even been a bill like this on the table but since there has been for over a year now I suppose he had to vote on it.  And a NO vote was exactly ‘what the doctor ordered’ if you will.  Won’t be many doctors left in America after the dust clears….just semi qualified technicians, unqualified federal regulators, IRS agents to confiscate your hard earned funds, long waits, substandard healthcare, budget busting costs, and on and on I could go.

Here is the link in case you are not from MT and would like to know how the consumer union believes your congressman/woman voted.

To protect all Montanans’ constitutional rights, preserve the constitutional framework intended by our nation’s Founders, and defend our state from further infringement by the federal government, Attorney General Steve Bullock must challenge the federal health care legislation.
Please click on the link below to demand the Attorney General join the other states in rejecting the job-killing health care bill passed by Congress yesterday.  Hold his feet to the fire…Take no prisoners..

Take action to save health care and our freedom and liberty!

Senator’s Staff on The Defensive

Yesterday we had a wonderful crowd of Patriots at our rally outside the offices of our not so wonderful Senators…Baucus and Tester.  We were even joined by the Crow Nation Teaparty group from Hardin, MT..  Go Crow Nation.  Go, Fight and Win your battle against the tyrannical Chairman….We are with you in your pain.

Our rally began at noon as it always does on Wednesdays.  A couple of our folks decided that they wanted to go into the offices of Baucus and Tester to speak with members of their staff.

Not even five minutes went by before a police car zoomed up to the front of the building with his lights on and ran inside the building.

We couldn’t help but think that they were called because of the couple of Patriots who went in to talk to members of the Senator’s staff.

Then… came a second police car with lights blazing!  We were all outside on the street corner thinking ‘you have got to be kidding me…..we are not violent people….we just want Baucus and Tester to stand up and be men…hold a real townhall!’

A couple more minutes went by and our Patriots came back out onto the street with us.

So, as the story goes, it was Tester’s staff who pressed the panic button to get police there in a hurry!  Their staff apparently does not like to speak with their boss’s constituents anymore than the Senators do.

The female patriot who had gone in to speak with them began talking about the healthcare bill and how it was in fact NOT free.  The woman working in Tester’s office apparently had the same rhetoric that we hear from the Senators and argued that in fact the bill was FREE to Americans!

Do they really believe that we the people of this country are actually that stupid?

Our Patriot then continued to argue with a slightly raised voice and pointed at the woman working in Tester’s office and said  “YOU are a LIAR!”

The conversation ended when the police showed up and rushed in… as we continued to rally on the street corners.

Several Patriots gather on the street corner outside the offices of Baucus and Tester, Wednesday, March 17.

I think that if you work for the Senator’s then you should be ready to explain the Senators thoughts and actions to their constituents.  If you do not like to do that…..then why not quit! Or maybe suggest to your Senator Boss that you need better talking points…  Nobody is forcing you to work for these Democratic Senators who don’t give an ounce for what their constituents back home want!  I’m sure that your paycheck and your benefits are pretty good and above the average person in MT.

Maybe Senator staffs need to feel the pain of unemployment as the main stream people do…

So, Senator Baucus and Tester…..We ask you again….. “when will you step up and be men and hold a REAL townhall?”

And shame on you for driving your staff to react so carelessly with the peoples concerns….

Great Night for the TEA Party!

First I will say I’ve never been as involved in politics as much as I have been in the past year since we founded Montana Shrugged.

And with that said, I might add Montana Shrugged, TEA party patriots does not endorse candidates for any race.   We certainly like to give all of our members a chance to support who we feel are committed to….preserving our Freedom & Liberty.  Good Constitutional conservatives are the only people I’d like to see elected in the upcoming election or any election for that matter.

For such a long time we’ve allowed this liberal nonsense in Washington and in Montana.  Enough is enough.

This past weekend I attended a fundraiser for US Congressman Denny Rehberg.

The other fundraisers I’ve attended in the past couple months were nothing like this one.  Dueling pianos straight out of Las Vegas!  Man, what a night!  Talk about entertainment for the whole family!

I’m glad that we (as tea partiers) got the chance to attend so that we could meet some new folks and get them onto our tea party team.  Sometimes it just seems as though you are preaching to the choir.  Most events you attend are the same folks you tend to see at every other event.

So, it was a good night for the tea party.  Many new good conservative folks signed up for Montana Shrugged.  Great night for Republicans and Teapartiers.

Maybe that means that we will have more folks at our next rally on Wednesday!  Maybe that means we will have more help for future events.

But, on the other hand I might add… can’t make everyone happy.  We did not have any negative feedback from this event but we have seen in the past some republicans are just your die-hard republicans, if you will.  They don’t think there is anything wrong with the party in its confused state.  I suggest though that those people should look deep and hard into the party and ask: ‘how did we end up where we are-social distress- if there is nothing wrong with the party’?

A bit off the subject, but how did the Republicans stray so far from their platform? Straight from the GOP website “The Republican Party, like our nation’s founders, believes that government must be limited so that it never becomes powerful enough to infringe on the rights of individuals.”  Is that where this country really is?  and “The Republican Party supports low taxes because individuals know best how to make their own economic and charitable choices.”

So, back on subject…here is the least embarrassing video from Saturday night!

I would like to thank everyone who attended and also the Rehberg Campaign for allowing us to set up a booth outside the event in order to pass out some of our material.  We have many events coming up and all we can do is get our name and events out there with the hopes that those people will turn around support our cause.  Limited Government…..Lower Taxes…..Fiscal Accountability….& Personal Responsibility!


Montana Shrugged

Organizer and Founder

Demand Answers!

So what happens when it’s the citizens word against the corrupt government?  Too many times anymore this is the case.
We can’t allow them to be able to pick on people they way they do.  Once they get away with one thing they are on to the next larger more destructive thing.
Did you know that the Governor appointed McDonald’s assistant to the Fish Wildlife & Park….sound fishy?  That seems pretty convenient to me.  Maybe I’m reading too far into the whole situation…..
Please listen to this audio:
Transcirpt:  And so…so we need better decisions for Montana and for our economy.  But ya know, those bad decisions just don’t seem to stop.  So now I’m going to share with you a story that I think you’ll read about in the coming days.  Early this week, Congressman Rehberg announced a major change in his office.   Dustin Frost, as you know, is leaving.  God bless him and everyone that I know that knows him likes that young man and it was just unfortunate that he was injured so badly in that boat crash.  But now what our Congressman has done is select his drinking buddy to run his campaign and serve as his chief of staff.  So now we have his campaign manager being paid by taxpayers while working in his office.  That’s not the point of my story.  The point of my story is, this drinking buddy, last hunting season in November, went on a little elk hunt with a couple of his friends and after doing a little drinking, ended up in the Paradise Valley and low and behold shot a bull elk, on private ground.  The rancher just happened to be out checking cows and came upon the site of Mr. Vogel and a couple of his friends standing over this dead elk, in the middle of the pasture.  So the rancher called the local sheriff after getting some talk back from the hunters.  The sheriff comes out, talks to them, nobody wants to say much about who shot the elk.  So he calls…the sheriff calls Fish and Game who eventually comes upon the scene. Now the three people there won’t fess up to who shot the elk, so he confiscated the guns, dug the slug out of this dead bull, did the ballistics test and lo and behold it was Randy Vogel’s gun from which the slug came that killed this elk.  By the way, he didn’t have an elk tag; he didn’t even have a license.  Now this information is now being disseminated across the public and I know at least one reporter is on the story so even though I have had some of this information for weeks I haven’t been able to share it and I am sharing it for the first time.  My point is we need someone who makes better decisions.  You don’t need a poacher running the office of our U.S. congressional representative.  We can do better.  That’s below the standard and so I’m asking Montanans to think about that.  Think about a series of incidents, whether it’s riding a horse…

Everyone should contact the fish and wildlife department and ask them for some answers.
Why did US Congressman MccDonald know about these charges hours before the Fish and Wildlife even made statement?  Before Vogel even knew he was being charged?
Sounds to me like the average corrupt democrat in this country to me.
Montana FWP Headquarters
Information Center(406) 444-2535
Directors Office(406) 444-3186
Human Resources(406) 444-5653
Commission(406) 444-7826
General Questions(406) 444-2452
Report Poaching, Vandalism(800) 847-6668
Warden Districts
That’s the whole story…..but I could be wrong.
Founder Of Montana Shrugged

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