It’s Not Rocket Science….Cut The Budget!

Montana Shrugged TEA Party Patriots visited the Capitol in Helena Montana today to join up with many other patriots to rally around the theme of  “Cut The Budget”!

Eric, Jennifer and Kimberly along with Nicole represented the Billings TEA Party group.

Many of Montana’s legislators were working at the Capitol to understand the dire circumstances surrounding the ever eroding surplus bragged about by our Governor-Schweitzer.

The fact is that there is not a surplus and we are headed into a huge chasm called deficit next year which could exceed $500 million….

Thanks Governor and thanks to the liberal voting members of the chamber for that one!

A large number of patriots attended the event.  Event organizers from Helena put on a good show.  We thank you for all of your time and commitment in order to get it all accomplished!

They reckoned a seven foot log to be the budget and proceeded to trim a portion of the budget with a two man cross cut saw.

Tim Ravndal finished cutting the budget off the log with many noisy slices made with a Stihl chain saw.

As Tim used to be a lumberjack, he made quick work of trimming the remainder of the $500 million deficit.

Conservative lawmakers watched on close by knowing they were safe, whilst the nervous budget busting liberals watched nervously from the second floor of the capitol with their drippy noses making a mosaic on the previously clean windows.  We also got a couple middle fingers from the second floor bystanders!

Eric gave a short speech to the crowd praising them for their attendance and their continued efforts to fix America..Starting with Montana.

Many of the conservative GOP legislators gave their two bits of great advice to the hungry crowd.

A great many news reporters from the television media, radio and newspapers worked the concerned crowd.

Off in the distant a number of liberal plants moved into view holding a sign stating that Denny Rehberg is a RINO… a face without emotion gave him away as a deadbeat libtard.

Along with him a lone young lady was searching frantically in the crowd to get a signature on her petition to outlaw trapping of animals.  Her requests fell on deaf ears.

The Cut the Budget rally lasted for two hours and was a great show and inspiration to all.

The weather was beautiful and bright and gently warm.  A perfect day for a ‘Budget Cutting Rally’.


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