Report The News…Not Propaganda!

Did you get a copy of the Billings Gazette last weekend?  Did you get a chance to read this article?  City Lights: Like old times: Tune in, drink tea, drop out

Well, I would recommend reading and commenting your $.02.  Below is a response by Montana Shrugged Organizer.

Congress:  We are NOT Your Cash Cow!

One of many signs displayed at our weekly rallies in Billings, MT.

Ed Kemmick,

Looks like you stirred up a hornets nest with your comments about tea parties… As I have been the co founder of Montana Shrugged with my daughter Jennifer we have been fighting the frivolous accusations in the press… You have to admit the press is typically leaning way left.  We even had a three hour discussion with the Gazette a few weeks ago…. The discussions covered all ranges of issues in America.  It also covered why, what, who, where and when we did this tea party stuff.  If you recall the article it stated that we are a group of non ideologues.  WE are concerned citizens about critical issues affecting citizens… Primarily excessive government spending on all levels.  But the most notorious is the federal deficit.  You need not talk about any other issues ……..This deficit is going to destroy our country as we know it.  The depression resulting from addressing this deficit will be historic.  Oh we can inflate our way out of it, is what i hear from the left. … Well we have inflated our way out of Carter days till now and cars went from $3000 then to $40,000 now.  And that was a low debt load on country.

As we go around building the teaparty group, we talk to hundreds if not thousands of new friends… they tell us they are all pinching pennies now.  They cannot afford cap and trade, they cannot afford government run health care and they cannot afford out of control deficits..

It is as simple as that.  Corruption is excessive in the circle from Chicago to NY to DC. and beyond our borders….

Lobby influences are astronomical and destructive to the individual.

Government and environmental excessive regulations have driven most of our high paying jobs out of country.  Oil and gas, mining, timber, etc. …

I could go on for days… but most likely you do not care….

Please trust me when I say, we are the people, we are here for the people, we are concerned for the people, for what is coming down the pike is going to affect us all….Democrats, Republicans, Independants, Ron Paul, the rich and poor…………………

Oh and as a final note, we have a retired Dr. on our team and she has read the four health care legislation proposals on the table and they are no good for America.  They are full of government controls and excessives… Costs will be astronomical and quality of care will disappear.

Thank you for your time.


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