Fuel to a Fire

I had some emails with Ed and the last one he said that what bothered was him was that teabaggers making nasty comments and when I asked him about it he said that liberals never say such things and they have never been derogatory about President Bush, Palin or anyone….when I wrote back and asked him if he seriously believed that liberals never speak so foul, he did not write back….

so I wrote the following to the Billings Gazette for reader’s speak, but I don’t know if they will print it so I wanted you to know and to have it….

With much sincerity Ed writes in his City Lights column, but here is the letter that should have been written as, most unfortunately, all his column served to do was provide fuel to a fire.

While he is right that nasty comments are useless and disrespectful and that some people “demonize anyone who disagrees with them”, he only added fuel to the fire of hatred that liberals have for “teabaggers” by ignoring the truth that liberals do exactly what they accuse “teabaggers” of doing.   I know this to be true for several reasons including many liberals have made those types of remarks to me (including how they want to murder “teabaggers”) and you can check it out on the vitriolic websites such as newsvine.com .

Our mothers should have taught us better….Like siblings as children who are fighting and calling each other names,  even making threats, and then saying they didn’t do it and blaming their sibling, mother needs to tell them to STOP IT!  and be respectful of each other even when you disagree because it is the hallmark of freedom and wisdom when people value and respect the rights of others to disagree.

And, we are one family.  I have actually found that “teabaggers” and “liberals” actually think very much the same so I wonder, if only we stopped to listen to each other instead of letting others think for us (and that means everyone, even you) and stopped blaming and accusing others and instead took responsibility for ourselves then we would be a wiser and better people.

So, liberals don’t sit back smug because Ed criticized “teabaggers” because that doesn’t make it any more right when you do it….

P.S. And your mother says do not call your sister a whore anymore and make fun of handicapped people, like Down’s Syndrome people, and especially do not try to cover this up by saying it was a joke…….

Guest Opinion

Dr. Lynn


2 responses to “Fuel to a Fire

  • Mia DeLode

    I agree wholeheartedly and have been bothered by this same issue with us teapartiers. It makes us look extreme, hotheaded and uneducated to spew vindictive name calling and other non-constructive blather. It takes away from our credibility.

  • kamela raines

    I made a post yesterday – where is that post?

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