Demand Answers!

So what happens when it’s the citizens word against the corrupt government?  Too many times anymore this is the case.
We can’t allow them to be able to pick on people they way they do.  Once they get away with one thing they are on to the next larger more destructive thing.
Did you know that the Governor appointed McDonald’s assistant to the Fish Wildlife & Park….sound fishy?  That seems pretty convenient to me.  Maybe I’m reading too far into the whole situation…..
Please listen to this audio:
Transcirpt:  And so…so we need better decisions for Montana and for our economy.  But ya know, those bad decisions just don’t seem to stop.  So now I’m going to share with you a story that I think you’ll read about in the coming days.  Early this week, Congressman Rehberg announced a major change in his office.   Dustin Frost, as you know, is leaving.  God bless him and everyone that I know that knows him likes that young man and it was just unfortunate that he was injured so badly in that boat crash.  But now what our Congressman has done is select his drinking buddy to run his campaign and serve as his chief of staff.  So now we have his campaign manager being paid by taxpayers while working in his office.  That’s not the point of my story.  The point of my story is, this drinking buddy, last hunting season in November, went on a little elk hunt with a couple of his friends and after doing a little drinking, ended up in the Paradise Valley and low and behold shot a bull elk, on private ground.  The rancher just happened to be out checking cows and came upon the site of Mr. Vogel and a couple of his friends standing over this dead elk, in the middle of the pasture.  So the rancher called the local sheriff after getting some talk back from the hunters.  The sheriff comes out, talks to them, nobody wants to say much about who shot the elk.  So he calls…the sheriff calls Fish and Game who eventually comes upon the scene. Now the three people there won’t fess up to who shot the elk, so he confiscated the guns, dug the slug out of this dead bull, did the ballistics test and lo and behold it was Randy Vogel’s gun from which the slug came that killed this elk.  By the way, he didn’t have an elk tag; he didn’t even have a license.  Now this information is now being disseminated across the public and I know at least one reporter is on the story so even though I have had some of this information for weeks I haven’t been able to share it and I am sharing it for the first time.  My point is we need someone who makes better decisions.  You don’t need a poacher running the office of our U.S. congressional representative.  We can do better.  That’s below the standard and so I’m asking Montanans to think about that.  Think about a series of incidents, whether it’s riding a horse…

Everyone should contact the fish and wildlife department and ask them for some answers.
Why did US Congressman MccDonald know about these charges hours before the Fish and Wildlife even made statement?  Before Vogel even knew he was being charged?
Sounds to me like the average corrupt democrat in this country to me.
Montana FWP Headquarters
Information Center(406) 444-2535
Directors Office(406) 444-3186
Human Resources(406) 444-5653
Commission(406) 444-7826
General Questions(406) 444-2452
Report Poaching, Vandalism(800) 847-6668
Warden Districts
That’s the whole story…..but I could be wrong.
Founder Of Montana Shrugged

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