Senator’s Staff on The Defensive

Yesterday we had a wonderful crowd of Patriots at our rally outside the offices of our not so wonderful Senators…Baucus and Tester.  We were even joined by the Crow Nation Teaparty group from Hardin, MT..  Go Crow Nation.  Go, Fight and Win your battle against the tyrannical Chairman….We are with you in your pain.

Our rally began at noon as it always does on Wednesdays.  A couple of our folks decided that they wanted to go into the offices of Baucus and Tester to speak with members of their staff.

Not even five minutes went by before a police car zoomed up to the front of the building with his lights on and ran inside the building.

We couldn’t help but think that they were called because of the couple of Patriots who went in to talk to members of the Senator’s staff.

Then… came a second police car with lights blazing!  We were all outside on the street corner thinking ‘you have got to be kidding me…..we are not violent people….we just want Baucus and Tester to stand up and be men…hold a real townhall!’

A couple more minutes went by and our Patriots came back out onto the street with us.

So, as the story goes, it was Tester’s staff who pressed the panic button to get police there in a hurry!  Their staff apparently does not like to speak with their boss’s constituents anymore than the Senators do.

The female patriot who had gone in to speak with them began talking about the healthcare bill and how it was in fact NOT free.  The woman working in Tester’s office apparently had the same rhetoric that we hear from the Senators and argued that in fact the bill was FREE to Americans!

Do they really believe that we the people of this country are actually that stupid?

Our Patriot then continued to argue with a slightly raised voice and pointed at the woman working in Tester’s office and said  “YOU are a LIAR!”

The conversation ended when the police showed up and rushed in… as we continued to rally on the street corners.

Several Patriots gather on the street corner outside the offices of Baucus and Tester, Wednesday, March 17.

I think that if you work for the Senator’s then you should be ready to explain the Senators thoughts and actions to their constituents.  If you do not like to do that…..then why not quit! Or maybe suggest to your Senator Boss that you need better talking points…  Nobody is forcing you to work for these Democratic Senators who don’t give an ounce for what their constituents back home want!  I’m sure that your paycheck and your benefits are pretty good and above the average person in MT.

Maybe Senator staffs need to feel the pain of unemployment as the main stream people do…

So, Senator Baucus and Tester…..We ask you again….. “when will you step up and be men and hold a REAL townhall?”

And shame on you for driving your staff to react so carelessly with the peoples concerns….


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