MT AG says HC bill IS Constitutional? How exactly?

We all know that the Healthcare bill which just passed in Washington is without a doubt UNCONSTITUTIONAL and had little to do with healthcare.

I do not like how this current administration is working.  They hurry up every bill they pass and then for the healthcare bill, for example, doesn’t actually do anything but collect higher taxes for 4 full years!

Why the so quick to pass this socialist piece of legislation?

Many states Attorney Generals are pursuing a lawsuite against the federal government stating that the healthcare bill is unconstitutional…..which is absolutely correct.

So…..where does MT stand?  Well, after many emails, phone calls, and faxes to the Attorney General of MT, Steve Bullock, here is the response from his secretary, Linda Paulson:

March 25, 2010

Thanks for expressing your concerns about the constitutionality of the recent health care legislation.

We have reviewed the legal arguments that are being used to challenge the legislation, and have concluded that it is highly unlikely it will be found unconstitutional.  This is a conclusion that is shared by the vast majority of legal scholars, liberal and conservative, who have reviewed the issues.  As a result, Montana will not be joining the lawsuit that several state Attorneys General have brought.

People can certainly disagree over whether the health care legislation is good policy.  That does not mean, however, that the State of Montana should spend taxpayer money to file a lawsuit that we do not believe has legal merit.  Like the Republican and Democratic Montana Attorneys General who served before me, I try hard to keep my personal political beliefs out of legal decisions.

My staff and I are busy and working hard to protect the interests of Montanans.  The courts will have the opportunity to judge the merits of the challenges to the health care legislation without the involvement of Montana.  If we are correct and the courts reject the challenges, we will have saved valuable Montana taxpayer resources.  In the unlikely event that the Courts declare the legislation unconstitutional, their decision will apply to all Americans – including all Montanans – even though we weren’t a party to the lawsuit.



Attorney General

How are they “working hard to protect the interests of Montanans” if they are not paying attention to either constitution?  How are they “working hard to protect the interests of Montanans” if they are not willing to listen to Montanans?

I ask for your help in flooding his office with phone calls, faxes, and emails.  If you live nearby, stop in and request to speak to him.  It’s always better to talk to somebody face to face in order to get your point across.

The contact information is as follows:

The phone number is:
Be respectful, but firm in your call.

You can send an email to:

You can send a fax to:

You can mail him at:

P.O. Box 201401
Helena, MT  59620

Thank you for your continued efforts to take America back!


One response to “MT AG says HC bill IS Constitutional? How exactly?

  • Nothing Free

    Steve Bullock is a feeble minded crony who would lick shit off of his superiors boots just to touch something they owned. His legacy will be a short term and that of betraying his neighbors.

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