Why the US?

Where have all the good troops gone?  Long time waiting.

Where have all the good troops gone?  Gone to graveyards, everyone.

When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?

Right out of the sixties when our country was in deep protest over the non war in Vietnam.

Vietnam was a tragic clash as it was never called a war.

It was a political battle of wits between the Communists in Red China and the idiot politicos in DC.

Hmmm. Where are we at today…Clashing in Iraq, Skirmishing in Afghanistan.

Protecting country after country across this grand world of ours.

One has to ask………..Why the US? Why our dollars and our kids?

Why not Canadian dollars and Canadian kids?

Why not Chinese dollars and Chinese kids?  After all there are a lot more of them.

Why not Venezuelan dollars and Venezuelan kids?

Why not French, German, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Poland, India, or any of the Stans?

Why why why does America have to defend the world?

Why why why do we have to bust our economy for those who do not appreciate us?

Why why why why why do we continue on such a treacherous path?

Politicians running the clashes……Obama making deals with the criminal leader in Afghanistan—-Karzai…

Why do we have send troops to protect his corrupt ass and then adding insult to injury we promise him billions of our worthless dollars?

Why do we have banks laundering drug cartel money such as Wachovia/Wells Fargo who just got fined …$160 million fine but no heads rolled?

Why do we have such trouble closing out the illegal immigration coming in across our borders.

Why do we have such trouble fighting this War On Drugs?

Could it be that our politicos are embedded in the drug wars?

Could it be our politicos are getting benefits from the drug wars?

Could it be the elitist snobs in DC, Chicago and NY are waging this war on America?

Could it be we are just pawns in an aristocratic game…..Americopoly???????

Wake up folks and rally with us!

Wake up and smell the roses before they are placed on the graves of our brave soldiers fighting for a cause they may not know.

God Bless America and especially our troops. God Help us all!


4 responses to “Why the US?

  • James Merikan

    This is a very real argument, and should be one that is discussed by all of us in America, but will not be. It is really too bad that we have so much technology to use that we no longer use our brains for reason.

  • kamela raines

    Well said – I couldn’t agree more!

    • montanashrugged

      I wrote this blog because my cousin was just recently attacked in afghanistan. Kevin and his buddies are fine. However, he called at my aunt (his mother) at 4:17 this am to tell us that on 3/27, the vehicle( an MRAP) in which they were riding was blown up. Kevin revived his buddy,Lava, who thankfully ended up only having a punctured lung from his broken rib. They were taken out by medivac and except for Lava all are fine. The engine was blown 100 meters and so we believe that only through the grace of God and all of your continued prayers that they are fine.

      They allowed him to call his parents during the daytime( our night) to tell us about the incident. He sounded okay.

      I just am so thankful that he chose to fight for my and other Americans freedoms and he is still safe. I pray everyday that he comes home safely.


  • The masked man

    Very well said. When looking for they why, follow the money. America has a military industrial branch of government as powerful or more so than the other 3 branches. Sorry about your cousin!

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