Shrugged at TEA Party Express Tour, Denver

Like most people know…..Shrugged shows up everywhere!  We travel across the state of MT for other tea party group rallies and we also travel to Denver on occasion.  This time it was for the TEA Party Express Rally.

We had the pleasure of meeting the TEA Party Express patriots last year when they travelled through MT stopping in Helena and then Bozeman.

Members of Shrugged attended both of those rallies and one of our leaders, Eric, even got to speak at both of them.

This time, the stop was Denver.  March 31, 2010.  Members of Shrugged drove all the way to Denver so that Eric could once again speak about our great activies on the steps of the CO capital.

Here is a video of his short speech:

If you have never attended a rally organized the the TEAParty express you are missing out!  They have a great bunch of speakers who travel with the tour as well as entertainment for the whole family!

Eric speaks at TEA Party Express Rally to over 4000 patriots on the steps of the CO capital.

It was of course a peaceful rally though there were many police officers in attendance as well as a handful of protesters.  Odd how there are always way more patriots than protesters?

A few of the many police who were looking for a trouble maker in the crowd.

Even police flying overhead.

All signs were home-made. No mass production within the crowd's signs.

Was a successful trip for those members of Shrugged who made the long haul to be with fellow patriots in the Denver area.  We hope to see more of you at future rallies!


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