Members of Montana Shrugged Thank YOU!

Today we had a fantastic rally.  I always am optimistic in thinking that eventually hundreds of folks will join us during their lunch hour on the street corner to raise awareness about our cause…which of course is that of personal and fiscal responsibility, limited government, and of course the usual anti-socialist agenda which is being thrown at us from those liberal socialist in Washington.

Today, however, we did not get hundreds of patriots but approximately 35 +/- which is good enough for me.  At least we filled the corner on 24th Street West and King Ave.

That’s all I can really ask for I suppose.

This blog really is to thank the thousands who figure they can’t join us but do honk, wave, and scream good words through their window at us during the hour long rally that we hold weekly on the street corner.  We appreciate YOU!

We do not however appreciate the 1-2 middle fingers we get though I suppose it could be much worse!

We are not a group of “crazy” people as the left leaning media would like to portray.  We enjoy meeting weekly.  This is where we ‘conduct business meetings.  These rallies are fun.  I can’t even count the number of friends I have now made though organizing the TEA party here in Billings, MT.  Not only have I met the great patriots out on our local street corners but I’ve had the great chance to meet patriots from across the nation in doing so!  What a great way to keep the momentum moving ahead.

I might add that these people are just your regular ‘average’ Americans (if that term may be political incorrect).  We all have jobs, might own a small business, work for a corporation, or be currently unemployed due to the poor economic conditions but we all have one goal:  TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM BECOME A SOCIALIST NATION.

I can guarantee you that the one thing we do not want is government in our lives each and every aspect of every day.  That is not how this country was created to be and we will not allow for it to become that way.

So each and every Wednesday (excluding next Wednesday, April 14 because we have our big Tax Day TEA party on the 15th) we rally on a different street corner to try and reach every person in the city limits of Billings, MT to make a difference for our future, our children’s future, as well as our children’s children’s future.

That said, thanks for joining us, thanks for honking for us as you drive by, and I suppose…..thanks for reading this!


Co-Founder, Montana Shrugged, TEA Party Patriots

One response to “Members of Montana Shrugged Thank YOU!

  • Dave Butler

    What is your position on corporate interference with an individual’s life?

    You state that you oppose governmental interference, something with which I agree, but it seems that, philosophically speaking, the Tea Party movement would begin to address this issue as well.


    Dave Butler

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