Democrat Politics in the Pub

This evening I attended “Politics in the Pub”, a non-partisan group seeking to remove the stigma from speaking about politics amongst “friends and neighbors”.

You can visit the website about the group at

I was really interested to see where the democrat candidates stood and where the differences between them were.

There was definitely a difference between the only two candidates who decided to make the effort and speak to the crowed of folks who showed up.

One candidate who I was very interested in questioning this evening decided to send Senator Baucus’ canned letter as a substitute for his appearance.  I suppose that they must have the same the speech writer!  Funny how that always happens between all democrats!

The candidate in question, Dennis McDonald, was seen promising to bring California and its politics right here into Montana.  The former mob attorney who represented “the weasel” in his murder trial thinks he is the kind of man to support Montanan’s in their pursuit of happiness.   I consider myself a “Montanan” and I’ve visited California.  Dennis McDonald can take his intentions back to the coast!

Meanwhile the candidates who had the courage to appear in front of a crowd of Billings residents espoused very conservatives ideals like ‘extraction of natural resources’ and ‘balanced budgets’.

DON’T GET TOO EXCITED! The talking points quickly gave way to a Q&A session.  Tyler Gernantz informed us all, much to our surprise, that oil and gas exploration was alive and well in eastern Montana!  Who’d a known!  And that the healthcare bill which was recently passed is the largest budget reduction bill that has ever passed.  WOW…..I’m certainly confused at this point…..and a bit nauseous!

Despite our differences I was delighted to hear that Tyler is a “fiscal conservative”…..I think.  He campaigns on ending the unitary budget…which really means he feels it’s necessary to stop the government from stealing from social security and medicare.  Hmmmmm.

I wonder with all this democratic support why we have not already accomplished this?  Perhaps Tyler is a NEW breed of politician?  Or perhaps he lies just as well as the others?

His honestly is still in question…of course….because he was telling me all about his pursuit of purchasing a ‘black and white’ TV.  I might note here that he is younger than I am!  I could never find a black and white TV to save my life 28 years ago…..unless of course it was from a local garage sale.

Of course he supports Cap and Trade, the uber green economy and of course, government mandated healthcare.  Booooo.

He also suggested he was interested in supporting an amendment to ‘balance the budget’ on a federal level but it’s not going to work out if it steps in the way of all of his entitlements which he feels are best for this country and sensibly  the need to protect our nation from foreign aggression.

In closing, Tyler is a LAYWER!  I think we have enough of those in Washington…..Don’t you!

On a more refreshing note (if that’s possible at an event with only democrats speaking) his running mate who also made an appearance was Sam Rankin.

Sam has considerable experience including that of questioning the former president Jimmy Carter’s decisions…..which of course were quite questionable!

Sam bills himself as a ‘moderate democrat’.  He espouses the need to extract natural resources and claims to agree that environmentalism is impeding that process.  WOW…..I’m getting a bit dizzy…..

I just hope that all this common sense is not driven by the hunger that he clearly has to garner votes from independents!

Sam’s platform is one of honestly and transparency.  He shuns contributions to his campaign from corporations and also political action groups.  He feels that his message should be enough to gather the votes necessary and is willing to accept defeat if that is not the case.

Sam was asked “How will you represent the people who gave you power, Congressman Rehberg has held over 50 listening sessions across Montana.  How would your approach be different and how will you represent the diverse opinion of all Montanans?”

Don’t you think that is exactly the question you have answers for a long time before you decide to file for office?  Sam’s response, although honest, was quite disappointing!  “That is a tough question, one that I cannot answer”.  (Probably paragraphing!….but pretty exact!)

Of course Sam agreed with cap and trade and healthcare.  His justification for the governments’ right to cap your productivity and trade your freedom was that it was necessary to protect the folks downstream from the widget factory!  Huh???

I thought that was what all those environmental regulations were for…I suppose they need to try to prevent productivity and tax any productivity which escapes their environmental gauntlet.

If that’s NOT moderate…..I don’t know what is!

So…..all in all it’s a disappointing night that I was looking forward too.  I wanted to hold McDonald’s feet to the fire.  I met him months ago at his “press release”.  While he waited for the media to discuss why he felt obligated to run for US Congress we rallied 50+ people to his 4.  All of which of course showed up in the same vehicle.  He said nothing until the media arrived.  I thought that was quite cowardly for a person running for US congress.  One who would represent the entire state of Montana.  If you remember correctly he quoted “you know how California is?  You just wait…..Montana will be the next California.”

I want somebody to answer this question…..How exactly is CA ever better than MT?


3 responses to “Democrat Politics in the Pub

  • Dennis Scranton

    First I would recommend solvent. Liberally scrub yourself down with solvent, head to toe. As solvent is toxic one must then use soap and hot water to remove the solvent. When you can no longer smell the solvent and your skin is no longer burning, then dose yourself all over with deoderant. Last gargle with Listerine. If this does not succeed in removing the smelll of liberals then there is little that can be done. Sort of like rattlesnakes, just stay clear of them in the future.

  • bringsdogtowork

    Great report! You should write a column for the Gazette – you would increase their readership!

  • bringsdogtowork

    Don’t forget the Nix for head lice …

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