Across Montana

Montana Shrugged with Eric Olsen in the lead, left Billings MT with his wife Diane late Friday afternoon on their trek to participate in the Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner in Kalispell, Mt.This GOP gathering is an annual event and critical to the success of the GOP in upcoming elections.

Diane and Eric stopped in Butte on Friday night to pick up Allan, a hard working Petroleum Engineering Student at Montana Tech..

After a short night of restless sleep the trio picked up a coffee at Starbucks and headed on to Missoula…

Short fuel stop and news interviews at KECI were executed at mid day.  The news reporter at KECI was interested in knowing how the tea party is growing and what plans we had for April 15th… Of course, Eric gave them the fifteen minute history of the tea party and explained why it continues to grow… It is we the people….and the government by, through and under the people….

Diane drove the vehicle through the myriad of open spaces and tree covered plains.

There were very majestic views as the Mountains rose up in front of the vehicle.  The contrasts of colors were amazing….The snowcapped mountains were picture perfect…

As we approached Flathead Lake the amazing beauty of the pristine lake with the towering mountains in the background was as good a view as any postcard….Which, with government Monumental Status hovering in DC for a good portion of the west, postcard pictures will be our only future to see the views of the west….

The weary trio arrived in Kalispell around 3:00pm and located the hotel for Rehberg private meeting.. After snacking in vehicle, we entered the room and setup Montana Shrugged banner…Met with Rehberg staff before meeting….

In a round table discussion led by Denny Rehberg, many issues were addressed although not in detail.  The various entities participating in discussions were concerned overall about their freedoms and excessive government spending…

Diane, Eric and Allan arrived early at the Expo Center where LRDD was scheduled to be held..  After greeting the staff who were collecting tickets and fees, we located a table near the front of room…. Diane spent time at table conversing with local citizenry while Eric and Allan worked the room meeting and greeting local political candidates…

The air of the dinner was exciting….The optimism in the room was high… The local candidates spoke for two minutes to describe their platforms…The general felling from all candidates was that we have had enough of the overspending and limiting of individual freedoms….The candidates were fired up to pursue their competition with facts and passion…

The night consisted of a Grand Prize drawing which Eric won unexpectedly..

There were active and quiet auctions in the room… Many homemade pies auctioned off at $100 per pie…Whew….

A local troupe performed for the crowd with the first skit being a new game called Obamaopoly….the innocent player had no chance as redistribution made it impossible to get ahead..Second skit was a takeoff on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood….tragically Mr. Roberts lost everything of value to the redistribution thugs…And final skit was situated in a restaurant….Waitress announced that you could have everything on menu and the table next to you would pay for it…only disappointment was that you had to wait until 2014 for it to take effect…

Is redistribution fact of fiction….you decide….

The trio blaze trail back to Billings taking the backside drive around Flathead lake…The groves of cherry trees was amazing….No buds visible yet..

Dropped Allan off at College after ingesting another wonderful Pork Chop John sandwich…A tradition for any of you that have lived in Butte….

The result of this entire two day sixteen hour drive was increased optimism….Optimism that we the people with the help and support of the now, more constitutional GOP candidates with in our great State will increase our States Rights and our subsequent power to counter the egregious federal government.

Montana and America, go, fight and win back your country….NOW…Not later…For later will be too late…


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