Tax Day 2010 Re-cap

A day late and dollar short, I must tell you about the grand April 15th Tax Day Tea Party that we sponsored in Billings, Montana…

Montana Shrugged organized and presented a great rally on that day to commiserate the day that all Americans must file their income tax returns or suffer the wrath of IRS..

We are Taxed Enough Already…..Get it Billings, Get it Yellowstone County, Get it Montana, Get it US of A…..NO more, nada, nyet,

What part of NO do you not understand?   It is apparent as the oft quoted phrase issued by President Bill Clinton “It depends on what the meaning of is is”?  Now that we understand each other, let’s get back to rally.

WE setup on the courthouse lawn beginning at 9:00 am after we picked up our morning Cafe Americanos from our favorite brew pub Rock Creek Coffee Roasters and our favorite barrister/owner Peggy..

WE setup a Patriotic tent awning as speaker gathering place and a fabulous sound system borrowed from Beartooth Harley.

The supreme Kodiak 4500 black pickup was flagged up with American and Patriotic flags… Political poster signs were unloaded and hauled to the speaker tent..

WE were pleasantly surprised to see KULR8, KTVQ2, and the Billings Gazette present and working the ever harmless but concerned citizenry that was gathering…All told it looked like we had near five hundred hungry patriots there…We assume hungry as they were meeting us over their observed lunch hours…hehe….

We were concerned about liberal plants in the crowd but observed none…Thank God….

We started the gathering by inviting all the gatherers to listen to a short summary presented by Eric Olsen, followed by a pledge of allegiance led by Joe Bailey, an invocation by Pastor Richard Miller and a great acapella rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Sheri Olsen who is lead in the 912 Group.

Many great speeches followed through the course of the next hour and half by various State representatives and business leaders..

There were many cheers of support from the crowd regarding saving our freedoms, lowering taxes, limiting government, cutting budgets, preserving our critical amendments to the Constitution….

The sun broke out half way through the program and like a nod of acceptance from God, we felt honored by his presence throughout the activities..

Eric presented a short sermon on the costs of putting grand entitlement programs as well as excessive taxation programs brought about by Franklin Delano Roosevelt…These entitlements continue to this day and are now unfunded mandates to the tune of trillions of dollars…So as a show of force and concern, a new tradition was inspired to take all Roosevelt dimes from that day forward and contribute to a tea party near you…Montana Shrugged collected fifty dollars in Roosevelt dimes that day..Keep up the tradition Montana…

ONly had one drive by dissenter in a Cadillac Escalade ranting about 911 and truther stuff…he got tired of shouting after couple of passes…

We thank all our participants for the peaceful assembly…WE thank all our participants for being concerned citizens…WE thank the Billings Police for their behind the scenes support…

Billings Montana should be proud of these citizens whom sacrifice time in their day to come our and express their concerns over the dire situation in this country today…We invite them and their friends to take more notice and rally harder to make real change happen….

Moving on with our Montana Shrugged activities that weekend, we move into Friday where we assisted Jerry Prouse, candidate for Yellowstone County Commissioner, with securing press to meet with famous country western performer .. Aaron Tippin..  Aaron Tippin graciously accepted and invitation by Mr. Prouse to do a benefit concert at the Shine Auditorium that Friday evening.

Members of the Montana Shrugged gang as well as the Prouse family and a few select friends met Aaron Tippin at the LaQuinta hotel early afternoon.   KULR8, KTVQ2 and Voices of Montana were present to interview Mr. Tippin…  There was great comradeship in the crowd…Aaron Tippin is a great patriot and has lived the life and has written about it throughout his career…

Left to Right: Jennifer, Aaron Tippin, Jan, Eric (members of Shrugged)

Members of Montana Shrugged helped Prouse out with a pig roast in back of Shrine that evening as well as selling tickets and maintaining the doors while the crowd flowed in…

Approximately five hundred patriotic Montanans filed into the shrine for an Acoustic show put on by Aaron Tippin and his lead guitarist Bob… The same show he informed us that he usually does for the troops in Afghanistan…WE felt privileged to have him on stage….

Sheri Olsen again led the crowd in the Star Spangled Banner just prior to Jerry Prouse giving a heartfelt speech about America and its freedoms…of course, the wall size American flag gave it a great deal more meaning….the only thing missing was a white six shooter on his hip, a military helmet and a pit bull at his side….oh to digress..

Aaron Tippin played for an hour and then after adjournment, he graciously stood in lobby and greeted those that wished to stay with pictures and signatures…What a true patriot….What a great entertainer and what a great man….We honor you Aaron Tippin.

And to close out the weeked, Montana Shrugged and their friends from the John Birch Society shard a table at the three day gun show which was setup at the holiday Inn Convention Center…WE met some great new friends there and had great and positive reinforcement of our activities….

To quote Aaron Tippin song “You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything”..

Rally on folks…Rally on to your hearts desire for we will prevail…We the people will rule this great country once again… and there is hope for real change….

God Bless America…


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