Democrats are getting cranked up on their written comment efforts. The points they make are trying to ensure that gerrymandering can happen in 2010, especially the “fair and competitive” requirement, the 5% deviation and keeping the current districts as a starting point (something the Democrats made sure was not a criteria last time because they didn’t like the 1990 districts).

We support fair non-partisan legislative districts!

*One percent or less variation in the population size of districts: It’s not
fair if one representative has to represent 9400 people, and
the next one up the road only has 8600. The people in the
smaller district get easier access to their government.  The shape of the units should be a close to even sided as practical..
*No political data should be used to draw districts. Districts
should be drawn to represent people, not partisan politics
*Don’t keep the current districts: The current districts divide
communities in two, they have wildly varying population sizes
– in general they’re not unbiased.  No more pie shaped politically motivated districts, please….

Please mail, email or fax comments to:

Districting and Apportionment Commission

PO Box 201706

Helena, MT  59620-1706


Fax: 406-444-3036

All comments must be received the redistricting commission by May 14th.
Let’s force the democrats to be fair!


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