You have a right to open carry firearms. Better use them!

We are not crazy, radical, racists…..who knew?  We know that the left are most of those but never carry firearms as they are trying to strip your 2nd amendment rights daily.  So, of course, none of the left-wing liberals showed up to our bbq this afternoon to cause trouble.  I suppose it might have been a bit cold for them as well.

Braving the cold spring time weather in Montana!

Today in Billings we had an open carry bbq.  I might add that it would have been much nicer and we’d of had a much larger crowd of people had the weather actually turned out well.  But even with the rain, hail, and ridiculous winds we still had about 20 patriots out to enjoy a charcoaled hot dog.

Thank you Billings PD for supporting our rights.

Only were a couple of us who came with a firearm on their hip, but everyone brought wives and children for a windy cold day in the park.

'round table' discussion....

The police department was completely appreciative to what we were trying to do-We even had an officer come enjoy a hot dog with us.

We talked politics about the city of Billings, what are the major issues such as drinking/drug use…..nice fellow he was.  Young police man.  He has only on the force for a bit over a year.   We need more of people like him who see the actual problems instead of just causing fights with people who are not lawbreakers.

Except f or the weather it was a good day in Billings for a bbq.  Welcome to spring in MT!


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