Tale of the Titans, when the Tea Party Meets the Colonel

Lo and behold, Montana Shrugged was going through the daily news making plans for the tireless work of informing the public and harassing the powers to be…In its age old quest searching for the holy grail or in America’s case….an honest politician….

Dr. Jan emailed Eric and other members that there was an opportunity to go and listen to Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North at the Holiday Inn convention center…the meeting would be open to general public but was focused on addressing the men and women in uniform…

Dr. Jan and Eric drove over with video camera in tow and setup for video.

Lo and behold the hall was semi full with the men and women of military and a good number of Montana Shrugged Patriots…

After greeting and talking to many compatriots and military personnel, Eric managed to get over and introduce himself to the one and only Fox News Correspondent, Colonel Oliver North…

With Dr. Jan working the video, Eric was able to shake North’s hand and thank him for his service to this country and his continued service to the military through his excursions to visit the war zones of the world…He is a true soldier and great countryman..

Eric was able to get his interest in Montana Shrugged activities in the Billings area and left him with a business card to consummate the meeting..Mr. North was most gracious in telling us to keep up the great work we are doing with the Tea Party and said God Bless Us all…

What a grand moment for our organization to meet and talk to such a grand man…

Once again, I must thank all our patriots for giving me the courage to step up and meet such great people and to carry the torch of freedom for our State and our Country….

Others in attendance were several patriot legislators, past and present, and a lone Yellowstone country commissioner, Mr. Ostlund walked in with Barry Usher of Harley Davidson fame….

Cheers to you all and rally on America, it is working…


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