defeat the rising socialist tide

Dear Patriots,

What is happening in our country at this time is nothing short of phenomenal.  On one hand we have a President, Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader who are determined to impose their radical, parental-leftist, social experiment on the American people by any means necessary.  On the other we find an unprecedented uprising of popular resistance to these astonishingly unconstitutional measures.  Within this uprising we find moms and dads, friends and neighbors, many who have never been involved in the political process before, out in front leading the charge for a return to the values of fiscal responsibility and limited government.  Even though recent events have paid witness to the travesty that is the passage of the health-care takeover and the socialization of the student loan industry, there is still cause for hope.  These reprehensible encroachments on liberty and the deplorable and corrupt process by which these measures were passed have united us all; crystallizing us in our vehement opposition to Obama’s new vision for America.

If we can maintain our current momentum and energy, we are just seven months away from putting an end to Nancy Pelosi’s iron rule of the House of Representatives.  Unfortunately, with the election season comes the possibility of infighting within our coalition; exactly the type of infighting that must be avoided if we ever hope to be successful in derailing the leftist machine that is now running Washington,  D.C.  I am not here to endorse a candidate or take sides in the ongoing primary election that we are now engaged in.  However, I would like to clear up a few misstatements that have been flying around in the back corners of our conservative coalition; I have had the privileged of meeting and working with our current Congressman, Denny Rehberg, on several occasions.  I have also been in constant communication with his staff on many issues with current and pending legislations.

Being naturally leery of all contemporary politicians, I have put a great deal of time and effort into interviewing, researching, and getting to know exactly where Denny Rehberg stands in regards to our Constitution and the governance of our nation from a constitutional perspective.  I would like to be the first to stand up and say I am comfortable with what I have found.  In regards to the accusations against Denny and claims of unconstitutionality and irresponsibility, I would like to add a bit of perspective.  For starters let’s address the Patriot Act.  I do not support the Patriot Act and have been openly critical of the Patriot Act in many instances.  I asked Denny about his vote on the Patriot Act in person and after thorough review I have come to the conclusion that Denny is a friend on the inside of this bad legislation.

Denny has maintained since the Patriot Act was first signed into law that it must be continually monitored for both effectiveness and abuse.  While I know you would agree that it’s imperative we give law enforcement agencies the tools they need to identify and capture terrorist suspects, Denny feels that it is equally as important that we make sure Americans are being protected throughout the legal process.  He has voted to put congressional oversight provisions and additional application requirements on the provisions that many Americans are most concerned about.  He also supports requirements that Congress be required to review controversial provisions on an annual basis.  I realize this is an issue that many folks, like me, feel very strongly about.  All Denny has asked is that people reach out to him if they believe the provisions which are designed to protect Americans are not being followed or if they know of instances where law enforcement has abused them.  I think what is most important here is that the Patriot Act be reviewed as often as possible and I feel that Denny Rehberg is ensuring that this happens.

In regards to Cash for Clunkers, it is just plain false that Denny Rehberg voted for this bill. Denny flat out voted against this program and against the supplemental appropriations bill in the “Clunkers” Conference Report.  This misconception stems from Denny’s vote to give the program an extra $2 billion when it ran out of money and was about to become insolvent.  Even though this bill is yet another failed example of the federal government inserting itself where it does not belong, to not authorize supplemental funding would have robbed thousands of auto dealerships nationwide of the cash that they been promised by the government for vehicles that had already been sold.  Because of Nancy Pelosi and the Obama administration’s misguided politics, reasonable policymakers had to choose between doing nothing and letting the government screw hardworking Americans into possible bankruptcy, or holding their nose and putting a quick end to one more failed policy experiment.

Denny has publicly renounced his support for Real-ID a number of times. In fact, he has openly referred to it as one of his greatest policy mistakes. Citing demand for the approval of the 9/11 commission recommendations, Denny voted for the full implementation of those recommendations.  When the outcry and scrutiny came over the Real-ID provisions, he apologized for them and demanded they be repealed.  On the recent bailouts, Denny again voted against them.  In fact, Denny Rehberg has voted against every single bailout since the Bush years and has publicly railed against these reckless policies.  Denny has rebuked the UN as an ineffective international organization and has consistently supported measures that would ensure the sovereignty of the U.S. border, including taking a tough stance on illegal immigration and other policies that proponents of a North American Union and global government consistently push for.  People who use “earmarks” as a pejorative fail to realize that many times these same earmarks don’t add a dime to a piece of legislation and direct money that would have otherwise been given to wasteful government bureaucrats directly to useful projects in a state. Denny has been a long-time supporter of amending the U.S. Constitution to include a balanced budget provision similar to the one he introduced in the Montana Legislature.  Just recently, Denny was a signatory on a yearlong earmark moratorium.  In this time of extreme fiscal irresponsibility I believe this moratorium sends exactly the right message to the leftists running our nation—enough reckless spending.

As I said before, I am not here to pick sides or endorse candidates.  I believe that a true debate on the issues is healthy for the primary process and builds understanding across the party.  However, I feel that setting the record straight with honesty and fact is absolutely essential in this debate.  To brand Congressman Rehberg as a RINO or suggest he is lacking in “real conservative” values is borderline libelous.  We can debate about different policies from taxes to defense spending. We can debate the merits of state-run initiatives like SCHIP or the Montana high risk insurance pool.  These are all great issues for conservatives in the state to debate.  But to try and brand Denny Rehberg as a do-nothing congressman who ignores the Constitution is simply wrong.  Congressman Rehberg is a founding member of Ron Paul’s Liberty Caucus, an original co-sponsor of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act and a lifelong proponent of lower taxes, Second Amendment rights and limited government.  Having continually stood resolute for these conservative ideals, I find it hard to believe anyone would claim Rehberg lacks a strong moral and Constitutional compass.

Let’s debate the issues and come together as a coalition to defeat the rising socialist tide come November; not unfairly sling mud at one of our state’s last warriors for true conservatism. Like you, I agree that moderation in the defense of liberty is no virtue.  However, extremism without pragmatism will lead to the same hollow failure that our progressive adversaries will experience this November under the weight of our combined voices.

Now, you must all understand that I have had the pleasure living in Billings and had have almost unlimited access to Denny Rehberg to voice the concerns of the TEA Party.  I feel that our constant pressure and communications has allowed us to work with Denny on current issues.  I worry in this political world that Montana has only one hope to effect any change in DC and that is Denny Rehberg.  Our two progressive Senators are doing nothing short of treason for our country and our State.  I feel strongly that it would be a mistake to change out our conservative horseman in the middle of the stream, if you will.  Chances are good that we will see significant change in the House of Representatives and a minor change in the Senate this fall.  With Republican rule in the House, there is real potential for Denny Rehberg to be appointed to a higher position and more powerful position than he already holds.  This combined with our collective tea party input and communication should work well for the country and our State.

Now this is my opinion on this matter and at this time most of you already know how I stand…I stand in support of Denny Rehberg..


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