Keep The Pressure on City Council!

Several members of Montana Shrugged attended the City Council meeting held last night in Billings for their discussion on a cell phone while driving ban.

“Please keep up your email pressure on the city council…WE will keep local personal pressure on them through May.  Their intent is to pass by end of May…

Results of the City Council meeting last night resulted in the following additional details…

1.  Ad Hoc Committee unanimously agreed that this is good idea for Billings MT.

2.  Ad Hoc Committee stated the fines would be same as speeding with fees and points.

3.  Ad Hoc Committee submitted no evidence of studies or information reviewed to come to decision.

4.  Several members questioned the council as to their objectives.Council response was nil…No comment.

5.  The council members albeit a couple seemed to be confused as to why anyone would object to this regulation.

Eric explained to him the concerns that such a law violates the 4th Amendment which protects you in your person and your home.

It was explained that this seemed to be ploy to raise funds for city coffers, as the old seat belt law succeeded in doing.

The regulation as attached does not allow a person any room to touch their cell phone while driving.  Please see document below.

City Of Billings Ordinance

Eric stated that it distractions do cause accidents…i.e. cigarettes, drinks, radio dials, phones, dogs, kids, etc..

Eric related the cash cow going on in Denver…Police and Patrol were pulling over many drivers for driving 1 mph over posted speed..This was being done en masse…It was bragged about by city officials on news…Lots of speed traps were setup all around town.  The other cash cow they were employing was the rule to pull over to left lane and slow down while passing emergency vehicle.  The trap setup by the patrol and police was to use unmarked cruisers to drift in left lane such that autos could not pull over….and thus giving them a bigger ticket for not yielding to the police giving out the speeding tickets.

Eric stressed that this was his fear in Billings….He stated a better way to handle it would be to use the careless and reckless driving laws already on the books…Then in court, with the proper legal system in effect, judge, jury of peers, due process….if found guilty with preponderance of evidence that cell phone caused accident then the liable party should pay the appropriate fines and or jail time…….

Last statement by Eric was to please not vote for approval on this cell phone law…”

Richard McFadden
Denis Pitman
Dick Clark

Ed Ulledalen

Jani McCall
Jim Ronquillo
Vince Ruegamer
Peggie Denney Gaghen
Angela Cimino
Mayor Tom Hanel

A sample of an email could be the following:

“I do not approve of any further rules or regulations limiting our personal freedoms, including cell phones and texting..
How many more laws and regulations does the city want to pass to limit our freedoms in the name of safety…There are already too many public safety laws that limit our freedoms…for example, giving speed tickets to unsuspecting public in the name of raising funds for a government that is already too fat and too expensive…Please start cutting the budget…and quit harassing the public and start protecting it.”

We the people are your source of revenue, does not matter if it is local,county, state or federal funds….in the case of federal funds it is deficit spending ….do you want to put your children and grandchildren further into debt?

We need to clean up our houses locally before we can clean up others…Please start with the city budgets..Thank you.

A concerned citizen working hard in downtown Billings.

Feel free to copy and paste the above couple of paragraphs to send to city council.

Thank you everyone for your support and continued stance for FREEDOM and LIBERTY.


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