Viva la Electione

From the perspective of the tea party-Montana Shrugged, we usually travel across the state to encourage the elected officials in Montana stay on their toes.  Saturday night we didn’t have to travel any place except down the road to the Montana Convention Center at the Holiday Inn.

The Yellowstone County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner was the event of the weekend for the GOPers.

Many elected reps as well as candidates streamed into door including those for state house and senate, US congress, and other county positions such as county attorney, commissioner, clerk and recorder,  judge candidates for new district court and finally the  Supreme Court of Montana.

It was wonderful to see that we have so many choices of real conservatives on our ballet this election.


It was great to see so many great candidates running for office and the energy behind them from everyone who was at the event Saturday night! On to November!  Victory is in sight for the Tea Party and victory for the new conservative GOP movements.  God Bless America.

Speakers for the evening started with Supreme court candidates, 2 of which showed up to speak.  Judges are difficult to make a decision on.  They run without party affiliation so you must do your research before voting.

Then the night moved on to candidates for US Congress.  All 3 republicans were there to give their comments on why they are running and why they believe they are best candidate for job.  AJ Otjen followed Mark French and ended with Congressman Denny Rehberg who gave a great heartwarming narrative.

Members of Crow Nation TEA party get photo-op with their congressman, Denny Rehberg.

A.J. Otjen, who is challenging Congressman Denny Rehberg from the left classifies herself as a Teddy Roosevelt Conservative (Socialist) while Mark French, who is challenging Denny from the right considers himself a Constitutional Republican(Libertarian)?

AJ was quoted as saying “Mark French focuses on religion, when I’m focusing on reality.”

What comes to your mind when you hear the word French?

The Eiffel Tower?  Unjustified snobbery?  Overrated wines?  A style of kissing?  Tolerating your wife but loving your mistress?  Guillotines?  Pommes des frites?  Quick surrender whenever war breaks out?

Mark French, challenging Congressman Denny Rehberg in the Republican Primary, says he represents none of those things.  In fact, he says the most American thing you can do in the June Primary is to vote for French.

French had a very awkward speech.  He repeatedly asked those veterans in the audience to look their dead comrades in the eyes.  I’m no veteran but I could feel the tension in the room as the Verterans peared around the room and then back at French probably wondering…..’can we move on to next subject’?

Members of Crow Nation with Congressman Rehberg.....and Eric, who brought them together to speak.

I understand where he might have been coming from ‘I fight for freedom, not socialism’ but I think there could have been a more classy way to talk about that than ‘look your dead comrades in the eyes….’

Montana Shrugged has worked with Rehberg a lot in the past and as Rehberg gave his five minute summary he picked on us in the crowd as he thanked the Olsen’s for all of their emails, of course, not all were positive!

Check one…..we beat up on(educate) all of our politicians.  Republican or not, they all need to stay on their toes.  They need to be sure they vote constitutionally and Denny Rehberg has definitely made some questionable votes in the past.  But, I might point out that he is up voting close to Ron Paul since we started holding his feet to the fire.  WE thank Denny Rehberg for listening and communicating with us.

We find that it takes the effort of the voters to question the actions  of the Congressmen and Senators on how they would want them to vote…..we need to hold them accountable!  Keep the pressure on them at all times…

Keynote was MT house rep Krayton Kerns (district 58).  He is always fun to listen to.  He has funny stories of how he compares politics to being a cow doctor.

Krayton Kerns comparing politics to being a cow doctor during his keynote speech at LRDD, 2010

Since I’m very much in politics I’ve heard Kerns speak on multiple occasions so I’d heard most of the stories he told.  But I might add that they never get old, always funny!  The audience took well to him.  It was great to laugh for a moment.  No matter how his stories come back to the fall of our republic…..puts a twist on how you look at what is going on both nationally and home in Montana.

Was a great event to network with the conservative candidates running for office in June and November though I might admit I already knew them all.  Guess that is what happens when you are in the middle of the political circle.

So, I’ll end with, don’t forget to vote in the June primary and of course, do your research!  We can’t afford to elect the ‘wrong’ folks!  And then it is on to victory in November….Viva la Electione….


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