Mop up Environmental Nut Jobs

Ahhhhh, well thankfully it’s about 70 degrees and sunny out.  Had it been snowing, windy, and freezing today’s rally would not have been quite as amusing and fun for us.

This morning I receive a secret tip from a Billings resident that the Sierra Club and members of the ‘Clean Energy Only’ Clubs in Billings were to rally outside of Congressman Rehberg’s office at high noon (hey, I thought only tea partiers rallied at high noon…..).  Here is the message that I found then off facebook to give me all the details I needed to quickly rally 50 of our finest to show support against their ploy to shut down all oil, gas, and coal development in the United States and offshore:

The spill in the Gulf of Mexico is driving home the point now more than ever: we need to move away from dirty fuels and we need to start now. The scale of this disaster is almost unimaginable as 200,000 gallons of crude are spewing out per day, ruining the rich fishing waters and destroying the environment and tourist economy in the Gulf. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere.

We need to make sure that BP is held accountable, and that the politicians who screamed “Drill, baby, drill” understand that their actions have led to the new catch phrase: “Spill, baby, spill!” Dennis Rehberg has been an adamant supporter of offshore drilling, now Sierra Club-Billings is going to give him a little taste of what it looks like.

Join us at Rehberg’s Office on 1201 Grand this Friday, May 14th to help stage a mock oil spill and clean up. I’m bringing the “oil”, the hazmat suits, and the poor little critters who ended up in the spill. You bring yourselves, your friends, and your righteous indignation. We’ll stage the spill in front of the office on the sidewalk, and then we’ll go inside and see if the staff can tell us how Denny plans to make sure that it is BP, not the tax payers who clean up this mess.

Remember, this is not about elections or candidates, this is about bad policy that Rehberg has supported during his many years in office, so please refrain from any political activity at the the rally.

We need your support. The fisherman and business owners in the Gulf need you to stand in solidarity. Let’s give it to them Billings!

First of all, they didn’t have ‘hazmat suits’.  They had cheap painting suits which even though not the real deal had to be horribly warm in this weather!  So, I give them an A+ for burning up outside on the sidewalk.

Second of all, I’m sure glad they were smart enough to not use real oil for their mock oil spill.  I mean, you never know with these people.   They never seem to be the brightest crayon in the box.  They did however use that roll of stuff you place in your garden underneath the seeds.  Whatever it’s called, I have no idea.

Lastly, they lay stuffed animal from the goodwill store on the roll of black “oil”.  All sounds great for ‘mock oil spill’ right?  Except the only stuffed animals that the goodwill had today were dinosaurs and penguins.  Hmmmmm…..think I missed the memo where dinosaurs still roamed the gulf coast.  Same said for penguins…..

They were obnoxious as usual.  Screaming things that made no sense.  Chanting others which I dare not repeat in text.  Carrying signs which were not legible.  But the couple we could make out said things like “SPILL BABY SPILL” “HONK FOR THE OIL SPILL” “CLEAN ENERGY FOR ALL” and “STOP THE DRILLING”

I might point out the sign which reads “animals dying in oil”.  The turtles and dolphin which have washed ashore have had no traces of oil.  So far fishing companies have been blamed for leaving their nets out in the water.  No reason to agree it’s a good thing, but you must place blame on those who deserve it.  Also, I might add, she needed to know how to spell dying and we are too honest to lie to her so that is why it’s spelled correctly.


I hate to be too mean to people like that as they just do not understand why there are there.  One girl walked up to me and was wondering whose side I was on.  As though my tea party patriot’s sign was not enough?  She then told me she was confused as to what my sign meant.  Ahhhhh, the left.

'drill baby drill' much more tasteful than 'spill baby spill'

TEA Party members were standing at the front of the block and so as cars drove by, we of course had an enormous number of cars who honked at us.  But I was then informed by the enviro wacko that all those vehicles were in fact honking at them.  Asked why he would assume that?  Well, I got the answer I figured I’d get “because we are the only ones out here with a ‘honk’ sign.  Hahahahaha, right…..I knew it. The ‘honk’ sign which was hidden behind many tea partiers was what was drawing the attention.  Silly me.

We outnumbered them, we outstood them.  Ended like that.  Only being paid for 1 hour of work, they all barely stood even that long.  So, we packed up and were off to our regular daily lives.

TEA party outnumbered them 5 to 1.

Never ceases to amuse me the way that the leftist Obama goons act.  It’s always the same, but never a dull moment.


2 responses to “Mop up Environmental Nut Jobs

  • bringsdogtowork

    Jennifer & Eric WIN AGAIN in the never-ending battle against TYRANNY!!!

  • MonCon1776

    Awesome job of reporting Jennifer! Did any of these people even THINK that this could have been avoided entirely if we drilled here and it came down a pipeline, without the “help” of oil tankers from the Middle East to pollute the waters? While I am all about finding good alternative means for energy, I realize in the meantime this is a stupid way to handle it. AND, instead of Obama and FEMA using natural means to clean this up (like absorbent hay or something), they are using toxic chemicals! How come the Sierra Club isn’t angry about that? Perhaps because (again) they are blaming the Bush Administration, and they actually buy this! Incredible indeed!

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