Government is NO expert when it comes to the Gulf Coast

What’s worse (all things considered)…..a manmade oil spill or one from good ‘ole mother nature?

As a couple of those bad terrible “big oil” guys (both of which are completely broke mind you) we will give you a few bits of wisdom from our heads.

I’ve personally never worked overseas but I have drilled many wells onshore in the Rock Mountains.  Many of those are only 5000 feet or less and we have some problems with those.  I can’t even imagine what goes on offshore except of course what I have learned from working with other engineers who have worked on offshore rigs for many years and some their entire careers.  Experts if you will.

I do know that the safety systems redundancy on offshore rigs is quite incredible.  These billion dollar pieces of equipment are made to not fail.  If one thing might think about failing they have many other ways to correct that.

And I can tell you there have been some rigs that I’ve sat on where the equipment alone would scare you.  And mix that with your poor greenie rig hands and the entire safety factor get’s gruesome.  But with the supreme oversight we give, we get the job done…You have to know your equipment and your personnel.  Then you make adjustments and watch the weaker links…If too weak…you fire them..or replace them.

I might send you on to a couple articles that I have read in the past weeks since April 20th when this rig in the gulf ‘exploded’.  This one is quite interesting.  Really makes you (if you don’t already) think about what happens within nature completely without mans help.  Natural seeps occur all over the ocean floor.  Mother nature is an amazing lady.  She cleans up after herself and she cleans up after us dirty old humans…Thank God for her.

Directly from the article:

“Studies have shown that the natural seeps are equivalent to the release of about two supertankers a year,” he said. “What that does is establish a huge population of bio-organisms.”

The jury is not in yet as far as the investigation goes so time will tell what actually happened that day but I think that to jump  to conclusions (and especially for it to be done by government officials who know nothing about the energy business at all) is asinine and politically motivated.

BP has been there since day one paying millions and millions of dollars daily to do everything they can thus far.   And watching c-span of course every company official just points the finger of blame on somebody else.  The testimony was tough to watch the day that BP, Transocean, and Halliburton were before Barbara Boxer …..oh wait….I mean, Mrs. Senator Boxer…..and her committee.

Boxer eluded to the fact that she is by far much more of an expert than any of these company men.  Ha!  Please…..spare me.  It was so obvious by her estranged questions that she has NO idea about anything that goes on in the oil business.  Bye Bye Barbara Boxer…No more Boxer after November..Please do not cry for her, we will not…Might be like one big tea party extravaganza and Pelosi will be on same wagon..

This of course (at a time like this) is not good for the industry in more ways than one.  That was illustrated to me by a quote from our lovely Governor B.S. Schweitzer yesterday as he passed through Billings, MT.

And I quote:  “I think that the president of the United States ought to seize the assets of British Petroleum and only give them back when that entire gulf is cleaned up”

Really?  Obama seize the assets of a global oil company? Undoubtedly, BP and their contractors are at fault in this situation, but they have also been present since day one of the incident to clean it up. It has been quite a task for BP to do this, and they appear to finally be getting something done. What has the federal government done so far to help? Not much, if anything at all. And we all know that private enterprise always does a better job at any task at hand compared to the efforts of the federal government. Obama’s latest statement about the oil leak, “Just plug the damn hole”, was truly enlightening as to his mentality. (I wonder if BP had thought about “plugging the hole?” hmmm…. one of their engineers may have thought about that already Mr. Obama) but in course of good science it has to all be planned in detail and then executed expertly…Logistics is a nightmare and nothing happens overnight or even in a fortnight.  Supplies are short, services are short, people are short..

The government officials and pack of attorneys that Barack sent down there should have been put in long woolen underwear to walk the beaches to soak up some of that oil.  Talk about putting them to good use for once!  Maybe even try depends on them…ten times more absorbent..

Schweitzer also took the opportunity to take a swipe at Arizona and their new illegal immigration enforcement legislation, making a reference to Arizona not being at the conference due to “no papers”. He joins the ranks of several other Governors around the country who are oblivious to the real illegal immigration problem facing our country, but put their 2 cents into the dialogue anyway. How would Schweitzer like to have 460,000 illegal aliens in Montana, sucking up all of the public assistance, committing crimes, and contributing next to nothing? I think he would change his tune real quick.

But that of course is off subject.

So, like I’ve said before, let’s let the investigation comes to a finish before the government decides they are ultimate expert in this case.  It was just on news today a dory with eight government employees were seen throwing individual sheets of highly absorbent downey soft  paper towels into the sea..Looked more like litter process but seems to be the best the feds can do…God help us all..


2 responses to “Government is NO expert when it comes to the Gulf Coast

  • Leonard

    The Won has placed restrictions on off shore drilling causing 4000 workers to become unemployed. Will we see those numbers in the unemployment figures or will they all get census jobs?

  • montanashrugged

    I found out something very interesting from a woman who worked for the census. They hire and fire you 4 times before you ever actually go to work. That way they can hype their figures on unemployment supposedly decreasing.

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