Happy Birthday America! I’m proud to call you my home!

Happy Birthday America!  I know I’m proud to be an American.  I love my country and we tea party so that people like me can have a chance at the same future my parents did.  Our great country is 234 years old. In the larger picture of countries worldwide, America is relatively young. But if “We the People” don’t act and stand up for our great nation, she will die at a young age.

What do we do? To do nothing is not an option; America will be destroyed. We must do something, but what?

The answer is simple, but not easy: “We the People” must stand up and do what we know is right, and be true patriots in our nation’s time of crisis. We must go to the polls and throw out the bums in November; this cannot be done in one election cycle, but will take a few years to get that job done. But we must remain steadfast and committed to do that, or it will be the same old business as usual- tax, spend, redistribute, and then repeat all over again. Getting rid of the liberal progressives in government, every last one of them, is a must do mission. And the start date is November 2, 2010.

But that doesn’t fix everything. “We the People” must do our part to spread the message of Americanism. Americanism is not just a made up word- it is the essence of our nation. We have a rich history of immigrants coming to America and contributing to society, and becoming Americans. Becoming citizens, learning English, celebrating our holidays, and doing other civic duties are all part of being American. Every single one of us who is an American knows what it means to be an American, and how precious this is. But unfortunately our country is full of people who don’t know and don’t care about being American- they only want what we have for them to take, and don’t want to be part of the American culture.

“We the People” must enforce Americanism in our own communities. We must stop the welfare handouts, the so-called “sanctuary cities”. We must stop printing all of our signs, literature, and other printed information in several languages-ENGLISH ONLY. We must stop giving the option of pressing “1” for English- if the caller doesn’t understand English, they need to learn it NOW.

It is up to “We the People” to enforce Americanism- the government isn’t going to do it, and to be quite honest private companies are just as bad when it comes to catering to the “Unamericans”. We must make a conscious decision to enforce Americanism in our lives, our business, and our communities. It is essential to the long life of America, and I for one do not want to see her die a young death.

Whew, off on a tangent there.  Back to a recap of Independence Day in Laurel, Montana!

Head to Laurel at 6:30 am to set up our booth and get it ready for the day.  There was nothing difficult about that except the being in Laurel at 7 am bit.

Booth done so we did a little decorating of our Kodiak (parade float in this case).  We didn’t spend nearly as much time this year decorating as last year.  I will not be surprised when we do not take home the “Best Patriotic” plaque.  I was so excited to see ALL the patriotic floats!  WOW!  Somebody else must also be proud to be an American!  (Or it was all the complaints we got last year and those people decided to be patriotic so that we couldn’t win the plaque…..you decide…).  How are you TOO patriotic on the 4th of July?  Or any other day of the year for that matter?

Anyhow, we moved the truck over to our line-up for the parade and tea party patriots started showing up left and right.  We had about twice as many walkers as last year which was amazing!  We also have a patriot on a 4-wheeler and a custom built chopper who headed our float off.  Very  cool.  Might I add these people have it figured out (the ones who brought wheels) as this parade is just over 2 hours long.  That is a long walk!  Especially when it feels like its 100 degrees out.

This year we stuck to American Flags.  No tea party signs, just American Flags.  We had so many complaints last year that the Laurel Chamber was flooded with liberals.  We figured we’d save them that headache and only carry the flags which we figured nobody could complain about.

There was 1 nut job in the crowd.  That was the only negative comment we got (or at least that we heard).  He claimed that the 4th of July parade was no place for us to carry an American Flag…huh?  Really?  I wonder if he said that to all the floats…..or just the tea party?

We had applause from the crowd pretty much the entire way.  You could tell there was an enormous amount of tea party patriots in the crowd…..which also was told by the number of people who came by our booth afterwards and signed up to be a member if they were not already.

It was a beautiful day and a great crowd of people!

We met people at our booth all the way from Florida and South Carolina?  There were patriots from Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and all across the state of Montana.  It’s great to be united!  I even met 6 people from facebook!  Ah, what a small but great world it is!

And then, of course, by the time it got dark we were able to watch the great fireworks display put on by the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department.  They did a great job!  I took some video on my phone that you can watch below.  Phone camera didn’t do it justice…..but hey, it’s better than nothing.

And the finale…..

We’ll be back next year…..you can count on that.

Happy Birthday America!


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