2010 Recipient of Salvatori Prize

I am excited to tell you all that Montana Shrugged, TEA party patriots have been awarded the 2010 Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship. This prize has been awarded to the citizen-patriots of the TEA party movement from the Heritage Foundation. It is awarded for our commitment to uphold American’s principles, exemplify the virtues of American’s Founders, and promote the independent and entrepreneurial spirit of American citizenship. Give yourselves a pat on the back! Great work patriots! Keep it up…..we have a long road ahead of ourselves!

If you are unfamiliar here are some historical details:

Born in Italy, Henry Salvatori founded the Western Geophysical Company, which he built into one of the most successful enterprises in the world.  He is best known as one of the original members of Ronald Reagan’s “Kitchen Cabinet,” having served him as a trusted advisor for over two decades.  Less known is Salvatori’s sustained patronage of academic institutions and programs supporting the education of American youth and the strengthening of American citizenship.

Henry Salvatori devoted his life to strengthening the foundations of American liberty that each generation of citizens much renew and fortify and which, to Ronald Reagan and millions of Americans, make this nation a “shining City on a Hill.”

Through the generosity of Mr. Salvatori, an endowment was created at The Heritage Foundation to promote our nation’s common dedication to the principles of the American Founding and encourage an enlightened patriotism in the United States.  The cornerstone of this endowment is an annual prize to be given to an American citizen who upholds these principles, embodies the virtues of character and mind that animated American’s Founders, and exemplifies the spirit of the independent and entrepreneurial citizenship in the United States.

Previous recipients of the Prize have included author David McCullough (2009), Princeton University professor Robert P George (2008), and the founders of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies (2007).

So, I ask you all to continue your hard work and continue on down this long path towards freedom.  We have a ways to go but forward is the only direction that inflict real change for the good of our country and it’s citizens.

God Bless and congratulations!



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