I always thought that a “conspiracy theory” was just that.  A conspiracy.  What happens when you add facts to it?  It’s no longer a conspiracy right?  That’s what I always thought.  But I also forgot that the Billings Gazette and more importantly, City Lights columnist, Ed Kemmick, is always right.

Ed is who enlightened me on the fact that even though facts and proof have been provided it’s a conspiracy to think that the DOT and the UN are working on a global cell phone ban.

I say to that…..Have you ever taken a look at the DOT’s website lately?  There is discussion between the DOT and UN officials all over that website!

So, that takes me to the local city council’s idea to ban the cell phone (or any electronic device including external GPS and satellite radios) from vehicles.

Federal funds control most of local activities.  ie road projects, school projects, bike paths, conservation, etc.  Shiloh road for example…..what a mess.  Road to nowhere would be good term for it. Road expanded due to ARRA funds….deficit spending.  What a waste of our tax payer dollars.  Kemmick suggests that we bring up goofy issues when tying federal government and UN to local issues.  I wonder if he’s ever attended a city council meeting in Billings.  Every other phrase is “WE have to get those federal funds……….” 

The local tax structure should be what we run on so we control our local lives but in reality the bribe is on. …. And the handcuffs of the federal government come with the funds.   This of course has been historic but in the case where federal government is issuing IOU’s for funds, then the local boys and girls should be aware that they are taxing their children and their children’s children with any new projects.  Shame on them is what I say and shame on Kemmick for calling our ideas goofy.  I know Kemmick does not see the connection for whatever reason, but in all seriousness, he should do more research.  After all, he is a columnist for the Gazoo.

Ray Lahood has said he is proud of his work with the UN council on distracted driving.  WE are watching his movements closely.  He is adamant even without it being cooperation with UN that he is going to enforce cell phone bans nationwide.  This smells like seat belt law enforcement.  Fine people for not taking care of themselves?  Fine people for using a tool promoted to enhance your lives like the cell phone.  What is next?  Tell you how many days you are allowed to use your phone?  Tell you how high you can keep your heat on in your home?  How much more government do you want in your life.  Well, I do not want anymore. I want less and the TEA Party movement is  about just that. 

I do not expect you to understand any of this as we classify reporters like you as strongly liberal and progressive in mind set.  You seldom if ever research your topics in any grand detail as you have proven with this cell phone issue. 

Liberal columnists (or all liberals for that matter) are quick to classify anyone who does not agree with the dangerous progressive agenda being rammed down our throats as radicals or conspiracy theorists. 

I take exception to those comments calling any of us a crank in the eyes of the city council.  Our defense of throwing out the ban on cell phone usage has always been 1st and 4th amendment. 

Our other comments to city council were that they already have careless and reckless driving laws that can penalize persons convicted of causing accident through distracted driving. 

Billings plan appears to be a feel good plan as liberals have suggested and a funding plan for city coffers.  WE call that a tax. 

There certainly are bigger issues in this local economy and national economy……Budgets….Mainstream cannot afford the governments it has and the governments need to respond by lower budgets by whatever means necessary. 

Instead Billings votes in $200 million budget …OMG what are they thinking. 

Montana is looking at a $400 million deficit next year.  OMG who is going to pay that bill?

Obamacare taxes are looming.

Obamacare changes to tax structures for income are coming.

Death tax is going to increase from current 0% to 55% January 1, 2011.  And on and on….

How much can the average tax payer take? 

I say no more.  WE talk to many people locally every week and they are struggling to get by.  They are making decisions on what and where to cut.  Is the government?  NO.  Of course not!

I find at least one article on UN influence looming in this country and or a new executive order detailing international involvement in this country. 

One in the paper today was the international building codes adopted by Billings city council…..Another is the UN coastal waters enforcement agenda being pushed by Obama on Whitehouse site.  The Clear Act just passed by the House leads to dangerous controls of our protected waters by the UN. 

Now call me stupid or call me dumb but when a person starts adding up the increased numbers of rules and findings discussing UN here and there in our precious country it makes me nervous…. if nothing else it diminishes any idea of UN conspiracy theories, don’t you think?


One response to “conUNdrum

  • bringsdogtowork

    You nailed it. But you can’t confuse Kemmick with facts, his mind’s made up!

    Face it, Kemmick is a lost cause. He has a miserable dead-end job as a beat reporter. His only joy in life is slamming people in his incoherent weekly column.

    Worst of all, he’s Facebook friends with Joe Spitz!

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