The ‘CLEAR’ act is bad for America!

The CLEAR Act passed the House over a week ago.   MT Congressman Denny Rehberg voted against it. 

This act is not good for America.  Tell your Senators to not only vote NO but Hell NO on it.  Time is short.
If I’m reading this correctly, we can partially block this executive order (prevent it’s stealth “ratification”) by stopping the CLEAR act (HR 3534), and by using techniques like coordination at the local and state level to block implementation.  ACTION:  Please call the capital switchboard (202-224-3121) and ask for your Senators , and tell them to vote NO on the CLEAR Act. 

Info on the CLEAR act:  HR 3534 in the House, called The Consolidated Land, Energy, And Aquatic Resources Act of 2010 otherwise known as the Clear Act.  See below from American Land Rights for details and talking points to call your Senators.
The Executive Order
Two versions of the article:  or
Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the House call it the CLEAR Act. We call it the
Clear Out Of Rural America Act (CORA). In the Senate it will be
Senator Harry Reid’s Energy bill that will contain the giant multi
Billion Dollar Land and Water Conservation Trust Fund.
And now Harry Reid brags that he is going to include a
Multi-Billion Dollar LWCF Land Grab in his Energy Bill and force the
Senate to pass it before the August recess.
From where we sit when someone calls a chicken a duck, and we see
that it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, no
matter what the land grabbers say. The Clear Out Of Rural America Act
walks, looks and acts like CARA.
The Clear Out Of Rural America Act will destroy more private
property than any legislation in history. No inholder will be safe
anywhere near a National Park, National Forest, Wildlife Refuge,
National Trail, National Seashore, National Recreation Area, National
Scenic Area and many more.
So, please, contact your Senators today.  Contact information for MT Senators is below.
Senator Tester
Billings – 252-0550
Bozeman – 586-4450
Butte – 723-3277
Great Falls – 452-9585
Helena – 449-5401
Kalispell – 257-3360
Missoula – 278-3003
Senator Baucus
Billings – 657-6790
Bozeman – 586-6104
Butte – 782-8700
Great Falls – 761-1574
Helena – 449-5480
Kalispell – 756-1150
Missoula – 329-2123


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