The Hypocrisy of the Left: A Warning to Patriot Activists

Liberals are offended easily, in fact; their political platform is based on it.  They are selective in their tolerance- we don’t qualify- so be warned that we all have targets on our backs and act accordingly.  We are all aware that the left, when asked to explain their words, claims they were taken out of context, but words from ANY conservative are used to represent everyone in our movement and prove that we are bigoted extremists.

We all have a right to believe whatever we want and we are free to express those beliefs in whatever manner we choose, but we need to be reminded that if we express those beliefs publicly, they will potentially be attached to our names permanently.  Some of us have been recently brutally reminded that the left is chock-full of professional race/sexual orientation/religion/gender baiters.  None of us are immune- we are all at risk of having our statements taken out of context or distorted. My suggestion is at least until mid-term elections we all take a moment to consider not necessarily who our comments may offend, but how they will be twisted by the desperate progressives. Many of us have committed countless hours to changing the direction our nation is headed, it only takes one comment to destroy one’s reputation and diminish their accomplishments.  When making public comments, I encourage you not to do so in haste.  I’m not suggesting anyone stop making controversial statements, just perhaps we should just give a second thought before we post. Take a deep breath and use that brief moment to reflect on your words.  Will they be distorted?  Could the left distort them to provoke anger at you?   Could your words, written or spoken in a PERSONAL statement reflect poorly upon your affiliations or our entire movement? At least you may then be prepared should you become the victim of a smear campaign.

We live in an era of unprecedented access.   Our privacy online is non-existent and our data is stored permanently.  There was a time when our words were forgotten in time but we no longer have that luxury.  Social networking is our greatest weapon but like all weapons, is also dangerous.  Some of our “friends” are actually our enemies.  We believe we have nothing to hide, but anyone making a social networking connection solely to bait you into saying something you will regret or catch you saying something they deem offensive, isn’t likely the most scrupulous person.  We cannot underestimate the extreme measures taken when one is desperate. Being active politically is often invasive to your privacy.  Your past, present, words, actions, etc. can all be used by our opponents to hurt our candidates, our party, and our agenda.  Behave like you would if people were watching, they probably ARE. The left is afraid and desperation is dangerous. They are aware that they are poised to lose power and they realize their only hope is to appeal to voter’s emotions as opposed to their brains.

We are indebted to the outspoken Americans who have devoted every waking moment to exposing tyranny in our country.  These people aren’t professional politicians- they don’t have speech writers or public relations consultants coaching them.  They make mistakes.  They say silly things when they are angry.  They are average American citizens who are donating their time and energy to putting our passions into action and I prefer to judge people by their actions and accomplishments rather than words.  Actions speak much louder- reward theirs accordingly.

We have the right to our opinions!  We have the right to express them! We should not be silenced! If not for controversial statements and outspoken Americans brave enough to resist tyranny, many of us would still be asleep.  We must also, however; be prepared for the consequences of our words.

Submitted by Guest Blogger

Nicole French


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