“Giddyup” Montana!

We, as constituents, know that Max Baucus is a disgrace and an embarrassment to us…..but is it necessary to show that to ambassadors from across the world?

I am an exhibitor and attendee at the 2010 Economic Summit this year for the first time.  It seems to me that the purpose is supposed to be about promoting additional jobs in Montana via Montana small business and entrepreneurs from across the state.

But in his opening statements this morning it appears that Max Baucus has pushed us back 100 years by a comment he made which ended up with the attendees in the crowd yelling “Giddy up!”.  Excuse me?

Isn’t this summit full of billionaire CEO’s from across the nation and world wide ambassadors?  Is it necessary for Max Baucus to make his constituents out to be a bunch of ignorant hillbillies?

Baucus was pretty clever with his “In times like these we don’t say WOAH, we say GIDDYUP”.  Click ahead in the video below to 4:35 to witness this yourself.

Baucus had one real specific rule this morning and while he was telling about this rule – would you believe it – he was staring right as us in the second row.

His rule is “check your politics at the door”.  I wonder how this is even possible.  Let me tell you a couple event sponsors and see if you think it’s possible to check politics at the door, or even necessary.  SEIU, GE, BIO BIOTECHNOLOGY, BIOSCIENCE, ADVAMED, YELLOWSTONE CLUB, PHRMA, UNITED HEALTH GROUP…..and the list goes on and on and on.  I notice a slight connection between green energy, healthcare, and Max.  Do you?

Let me tell you know a couple of the exhibitors who we are surrounded by.  MT DOT, Ameresco – Green, Clean, Sustainable, Environmental Educator, Missoula Children’s Theater, MT Wind Resources, LLC, US Small Business Administration, and on and on and on.

What I notice is a large number of those who are “green, clean, and sustainable” and a government bureaucracy.  There is a huge problem here if we are actually trying to create and save jobs as we keep hearing being spewed by those in Washington DC.

Government cannot fix the problems…..Government is the problem.  And if it’s green and clean right now (or so they say) it is not economically feasible.

The truth is:  We NEED OIL, GAS AND COAL.

There’s my morning thus far at the 2010 Economic Summit in Butte.  I am now at my Exhibitor booth surround by green environmental wackos and I’m going to atleast enjoy myself until they kick me out.

WE understand that Max stopped in Billings to promote more minimum wage jobs at the GE processing center.   Given that Montana rates number 47 for average wage…I say Max, why is this good for Montana?  35 years and this is the best you can do for US…….We need you to Giddyup on out of our State and let We the people take charge of our destiny.



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