2010 Economic Summit a HUGE Economic Flop?

Day 2 of Max Baucus Economic Summit…..

First of all I will start by saying that I’m upset with myself for forgetting my tinfoil hat.  I can’t stand thinking that these socialist green energy folks have a run at getting into my head.  I also forgot my 3d glasses and my picket sign that read “welcome to the freak show”…..sound familiar?  See Palin Protestors in Missoula ….

That pretty much sums up the Max Baucus Economic Summit in Butte:  Freak Show.  Government handout show.   Gimme gimme some more of those deficit dollars…Give me some more of your grandchildren’s fortunes….

This was not to promote jobs in Montana.  This was merely a political stunt by our not so sincere Senator – Max Baucus.  Even in his opening statement he said “there is 1 rule – check your politics at the door – or I will cut you off at the knees”…..Giddyup giddyup giddy up…….

You can view the direct quote by watching the following video from Max’s opening statement:

By checking politics at the door he actually meant conservative politics.  Liberal politics were rampant.  Every booth was green ‘sustainable’ energy, government bureaucrats, or those companies who thrive off of government money, tax payer monies that is..

I sat through one panel during the conference.  The title was “TRANSPORTATION, ECONOMIC GROWTH, AND JOBS”.  Unbeknownst to me Yellowstone County Commissioner – Bill Kennedy – is an expert in this field?!?

As there was a local official from Billings at this summit I had to sit through that meeting and it was almost as boring as my college English class.  All I saw were these panelists arguing that they needed more government money, more government assistance…..more, more, more.  Nanny state at it’s finest.

Back up on campus this morning for our exhibit and I have had one person walk through the exhibit….oh wait… that makes two.

First was the director of Career Services department on the Montana Tech Campus.  Happens to also be somebody I know as I attended this college.  The second was a woman from the Department of Commerce.  I’m pretty sure we will tear down earlier than planned.

All in all I believe that this summit was the largest waste of my time ever.  WHOA Max – stop the spending!  Or giddyup on out of your DC office and resign.


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