Q: What do you call a lawyer up to his neck in cement?

A: Not enough cement.

That pretty much sums up my feelings towards attorneys and the legal system today.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that we have the following: Company A, Company B, Attorney Group A, Judge A, and Company C.

Company C consulted for Company A on a project years ago.  Company A decided to terminate the project prematurely and abandon ship.  Company A also decided not to pay Company C or Company B for the work they had performed on the job while it was still being constructed.  So that’s where Attorney Group A comes in.  Company B hires Attorney Group A and somehow decides to sue Company A but that’s not all…they also sue Company C as they assumed Company C was guilty by association.  What?  Is that even possible?  Possible YES, ethical and the right was to conduct business?  NO.

So years go by and Company C who is ethical and honest hardworking small business comprised by only a very small number of (as the governor would like to put it) ‘hardworking Montanans’ get screwed (for lack of better words).

Company C can’t afford to hire an attorney so ultimately they lose the court battle as Company B is multi-million dollar company.

The Attorney Group A hired by Company B apparently sees nothing wrong with personally suing an individual consulting for Company C and sees no problem that they chose to sue the only woman and left two consultants who were men out of the lawsuit.  I wonder if this could be a case for sexual harassment.

Now is where I get to argue where the common sense is at.  How in the world do you get to pick and choose who you sue?  Three different consultants signed field tickets for Company B and they pick only the female to sue?  I see something very strange going on here.  The two other men should be just as responsible for the alleged money owed and that argument had been presented by female consultant with Company C on multiple occasions.  Where’s the justice in our “justice system”?

Enough with the scenario…I think you get the gist.

This country has gotten into this dog eat dog arena and the only one who can ever win in a situation like this is the attorney.  Where is the justice in a multi-million dollar company suing a single small business owner because the wacko billionaires with Company A decided to not pay their bills?  I suppose that is exactly why they are billionaires, right?  They pick up some small business across the way, pay them for a couple years of work and then leave them hanging with a year’s worth of unpaid bills totaling in the millions?

We have got to change something in the system.  The system just does not work for those who are honest and hardworking.  What does this company expect to do to this small business owner?  Clearly small business in Montana understands that you barely make payroll or your own personal bills at this point.  There is no economy and an attorney firm feels that it’s just to drive you to bankruptcy so that they can bill 4 clients for same hour of the day?

We all know there are too many lawyers out there.  Why do we continue to allow them to run the system then?  Is it because the people have given up and decided that it is impossible to have common sense injected into the system?  This scenario happens to small business and individuals every day across this country.  One bankruptcy after another and one small business closing its door after another we wonder how we got to this place.

The little guy just can’t make it anymore.  And of course we see that getting worse and worse and worse.

Most politicians are or have been practicing attorneys including our current president.  Obama, being the good lawyer that he is, says the legal system in America is strong?  Excuse me?  That’s just another bold faced lie. The legal system is broke.  We need to start over again. System is built by attorneys for attorneys.  Ought to be law, even though I hate laws, to disallow attorneys from running for Congress.

Obama is still in denial.  I bet he is going to deny someday that he ever was President…what a nut!

There is not a good in department of justice in this country. There is no justice in our legal system in America. We need to put the lawyers on the street and remodel the law.  Here’s an idea – how about we make it work FOR THE PEOPLE.  Not for corporate America and attorneys!  Legal system is only thing our fore fathers did not fix.  The Kings system was picked as it was familiar.   But it only benefits the elite…common folk suffer.

Some attorneys show no shame.   Lawyers do not care about their clients…only their pocketbooks. Lawyers do not care about the people…only their pocketbooks.  They are elitist thieves and let me remind you that Obama is one of them.

And in closing, you know there are too many lawyers when you see the mess they have created.  Take a good look around. We need to axe the federal courts NOW.  We need to get activist judges off the Supreme Court Bench.  We need to leave legal decisions to the local courts that are closest to people. Lawyers need to be made accountable to their clients….They are far from it now…..


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