A Tale of Two Candidates

Incumbent Republican Senator Roy Brown v Democratic Challenger Kendall Van Dyk

In an otherwise slow election year, the Montana Senate District 25 race between incumbent Republican Roy Brown and Democratic challenger Kendall Van Dyk, who is currently representing HD 49 in Montana’s state legislature, will no doubt be one of the most competitive as well as the most expensive. Senator Brown, who is semi-retired from the real estate business, promotes smaller government, tax cuts, economic growth, and development of our state’s natural resources, while protecting family values and the sanctity of life.  His opponent, a career environmental activist/community organizer (radical hothead),  Kendall Van Dyk in contrast, favors the conservation of native birds, promoting the use of political muscle to achieve economic and social justice, protecting a woman’s right to end the life of her baby and challenging intolerance and bigotry.

Despite being widely lauded by the left as a warrior of sportsmen’s rights, Van Dyk was only able to secure a ‘C’ rating with the Montana Shooting Sports Association (Senator Roy Brown received an “A”grade). Campaigning primarily on the passage of the streams access bill he sponsored, Van Dyk’s boasting suggests that if not for his involvement, Montanans may have never had the opportunity to fish again.   Although he deserves credit for his work involved with the bill, his version of it was deeply flawed and passed only after  Republican Senators Essmann, Shockley, and Story, Chairman of Fish & Game Committee Barkus,  and representatives from various ag/sportsmen/landowner groups were able to reach a compromise. According to Senator Story:

” Van Dyk’s contribution to this process was to threaten, bully and attack some of those who were working to fix his flawed bill. Even though he was assured that we were not going to kill his bill, he still persisted in this juvenile behavior”.

Van Dyk’s voting record asserts that he is no fan of developing our state’s national resources.  He frequentlycomplains about tax loopholes for “big oil”, even sponsoring a bill to fund education on the backs of the oil industry with an additional one dollar tax on every single barrel of oil produced in our state- during a recession.  Although Montana possesses a wealth of natural resources, our tax policies are already decidedly unfavorable to the oil industry as well as Main Street small businesses.   Instead of  promoting a business friendly atmosphere in our state, Representative Van Dyk chose to focus his votes on protecting the following important interests:

  • NARAL Pro Choice Montana….100% Roy Brown’s score: 10%
  • Montana Conservation Voters….100% Roy Brown’s score: 8%
  • Montana Environmental Information Center….100% Roy Brown’s score:  0%
  • Northern Plains Resource Council….100% Roy Brown’s score:  27%
  • Teamsters Local 190….100% Roy Brown’s score:  34%
  • Montana AFL-CIO…. 100% Roy Brown’s score:    25%

Considering Montana’s projected economic woes, it is concerning that Representative Van Dyk wasn’t able to achieve such high ratings with the following pro-business interest groups:

  • Montana Chamber of Commerce….8% Roy Brown’s score:  100%
  • Montana National Federation of Independent Business….33% Roy Brown’s score:   89%
  • Montana Business Leadership Council…. D- Roy Brown’s grade:  A+

Kendall  “Tax Hike” Van Dyke may be a rising star within his party of young progressives, but being a loyal supporter of Obama in a state where his approval rating is hovering around 38% isn’t likely to assist him in this race. So, thanks solely to Van Dyk,  sportsmen are able to access streams and the relieved parents of autistic children can now obtain insurance.  If, however, the government continues to prevent development of our natural resources, many of us will be unemployed.  If we aren’t able to buy food, we won’t be buying that autism insurance either.  Thank Van Dyk for the streams access law- we may have no choice but to utilize it once we are unemployed and suddenly faced with fishing for our dinner.


Would you trust either one of these guys with your vote?


Will Roy “Big Oil” Brown (yes, he worked in the oil industry 14 years ago but if he’s “Big Oil” then I must be “Gargantuan Oil”…or “BigFoot Oil”?) fall victim to his opponent’soutrageous accusations of theft:

“By contrast, when Roy Brown and Judy Martz were in charge, they had to steal $30 million from the workers compensation fund to cover their deficit” Kendall Van Dyk


Taking individual freedoms away one Montanan at a time.


Or worse yet, will the lingering rumors about Senator Brown’s covert vegetarianism cost him the election?  In just over a month, Montanans in Senate District 25 will be choosing between an energetic, progressive community organizer and a mature, successful, conservative business man.


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