Watch out for wolf in sheep’s clothing

As you are already aware, the upcoming election here in Montana provides us numerous opportunities to help send people to our state legislature and the US Congress who will fight for our freedoms.  What may be off your radar screen is the race to elect a new Montana Supreme Court Justice. But the impact that the courts can have on those freedoms is just as important.  That’s why we must maintain vigilance in our mission to protect liberty and ensure that the right candidate is elected to this position.

Many of us know quite a bit about one of the candidates, Nels Swandal, because of his record as a District Judge (see his dissent in Wallace v. State of Montana where he fights to protect private property rights with a reference to Ayn Rand,  But the other candidate in the race is a lawyer from Helena that we heard little from except for her backing from extreme environmental groups and left-wing unions.  That is until I saw a letter that a friend of mine received from our former Republican(?) Governor Marc Racicot in support of Beth Baker’s candidacy.

Apparently, Baker and Racicot became good friends when she worked for him in the Justice Department.  So instead of standing on any kind of principal to ensure that Montana gets a strong, freedom-oriented Justice on the court, Racicot decided to work to elect his good friend, liberal lawyer Beth Baker.  That’s absolutely the kind of good old boy cronyism that we have been fighting daily from the politicians in Washington, D.C.  I guess from Racicot, I shouldn’t be surprised.  You see, since he left Montana after the deregulation debacle, our former Governor has been spending his days roaming Washington, D.C. as a lobbyist with a high-powered client list filled with names like Enron and the insurance industry.

The people of Montana deserve better than the Washington, D.C. cronyism that Marc Racicot is showing in his endorsement of liberal lawyer Beth Baker and her extreme environmentalist friends.  While our mothers always warned us to be wary of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, remember before you vote in this election to also be prepared for the “Republican in name only”, Marc Racicot.  The Supreme Court is too important for us to fall for those tricks.  They may work for Racicot’s lobbyist friends, but we must remain diligent to keep another liberal lawyer off of the bench.


One response to “Watch out for wolf in sheep’s clothing

  • harpsusie331

    I sat in on the platforms of these two , Baker & Swandal , when I was at the Republican Convention in Billings in June . Swandal is BY FAR the Most Qualified and we need Conservative justices on our Supreme Court ; justices that believe in the Montana and US Constitution . Swandal is a very honest and experienced Judge . We can be thankful for his caliber when we go to the polls November 2nd

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