Cool Your Jets KVD!

Watch as Representative (radical hothead) Kendall Van Dyk lashes out at opponents and calls other representatives “intellectually small” because they are adamant opponents to “his bill” HD 314 in the last session of the MT legislature.
Do we really want to send people to our capital who have clear temper issues?
Maybe we should explore all option before we as citizens jump into the brackish waters of government managed private property…..
Do we really want to give FWP the police power to control private property owners’ rights?
One FWP even said “if I can’t fish on your land…..then nobody can”.  What else would you expect from government workers within the FWP division?

Funny how KVD decided to quietly allow this bill to be tabled afterall that commotion.  He knew it was a bad bill.  Just face it…

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