Oh My God. Max Baucus.

Oh My God.  Max Baucus.

Have you all seen the article out today? Dems turn fire on conservative third-party groups’ advertising.

Max Baucus certainly is in the heart of all idiocy and hypocrisy happening in Washington DC.  And to him I say:

Now I know you have completely lost it.  I thought you were close to that when you embarrassed Montana at the Butte Economic Symposium with your lame Giddyup routine.  You were the fool of all fools that day.

Now you go and ask IRS to investigate non profits for illegal use of funds for campaigns?  This is like asking a robber for money back at the time of robbery.

It is obvious that you are worried about your position of grandeur as Chairman of Finance Committee.

Well, Mr. Baucus, I am here to tell you that you will lose that position after new Senate is sworn in.

If by chance a State fails to make the necessary changes and you happen to remain at the finance helm, rest assured that we the people will do all in our power and abilities to recall you from the position as Senator of the Great State of Montana.

You do not represent US; you only represent your pocket book and your special interests.

Thirty five years of your service and what does Montana have to show for it?

We were #2 in wages and now have dropped to  #47.

We had low payroll taxes and now at nearly 40% taxes.

We had very low unemployment and welfare and now we have excessive welfare and highest unemployment in MT history.

We had low government wages and retirement programs and thanks to you we have excessive government wages and retirement programs.

Max, you sir, have done nothing short of destroying Montana in your career.

Please reconsider your duties to our State and stand down as a man.  Let a new more concerned Montana citizen move in to your job and begin the painstaking job of repairing Montana economy.


Very Concerned Citizen


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