Read my lips….no more spending…. no more levies….cut the budget.

Have you read this article yet?

Group asks for $7.5M Metra bond

Yellowstone County Commissioners are planning to add about $4 million to the insurance money for the reconstruction of the arena. The question is whether or not to invest in additional improvements at the Metra. The Billings Chamber of Commerce held a meeting with members of the Metra Park Advisory Board on Monday announcing its consideration of a $7.5 million bond.

I talked to John Brewer, director of the Billings Chamber of Commerce at length before he had a fact-finding meeting with his board a week ago.  He said most business owners in Billings want a county mill levy to make the Metra “state of the art” as it would help the businesses in blgs.  What builder is he in bed with??  I told him the ag Community in Yellowstone County cannot stand additional mill levies.

He said it was up to the voters.  I told him that the Metra does nothing for the folks in the county as helping their ag businesses, i.e., it does not increase the price for our calves.  He acted like a jerk and could care less about the tax burdens that would be placed on an already stressed situation/community.

The Metra is for play and vendors.  When folks are having problems making ends meet due to fixed incomes, loss of jobs, out of sight reappraisals, etc., how dare they add more burdens so the chamber director looks like he is doing “something” in order to keep his director’s job and feed his ego..  Possibly New York City has a building that is to more of Mr. Brewer’s liking and I suggest he would feel more at home in that venue.

I called County Commissioner John Ostlund and he was NOT for a tax increase.  He said the rainy day money and the insurance money will take care of the building with more bathrooms, better sound, etc. without raising taxes.  And that making the metra – a so called state of the art building, etc. is not needed.  I thanked him for trying hard to stop this ridiculous expenditure that will increase our taxes.

The message from the tea party and other concerned citizens is simple….enough is enough.  You need to cut from within before going outside to the poor destitute taxpayer.

Check out the fact that Montana is now number 47 in wages…..

Don’t you get it? There is no more money in the till…the fed government is spending deficit dollars like candy….

The local governments are sucking up as much of that worthless money as they can…..

What are they thinking?  Money grows on trees?

You need to get your budgets in line and get your house in order.

Cut your wages and benefits down to compare with average tax payer would be good start to show good faith.

This alone would give you plenty of funds to do miscellaneous additions on the Metra and other budgeted items.

We need no more bike trails. We need no more parks. We need to privatize many services at the local level.

Need I go on?

Think constituent first and all others second including your expensive unions.

Cheers from the tea party….


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