What’s on your Congressman’s mind?

Some how the state of Montana ended up with a Republican Congressman who hosts townhalls in every single county every single year and two Democrat Senators who refuse to host any townhalls let alone show up in a public place in the state of Montana that has not got a crowd that is specifically handpicked by their staff members.

Do you see a problem there?  What happened to being a ‘public servant’?  Don’t Baucus and Tester realize they work for US?  We might not all agree with their agendas…..and some folks may strongly disagree…..but those ‘public servants’ should always be working with the people’s best interests in mind.  Not working for the best interests of their pocketbooks.

We had the honor of intervewing our sole Congressman, Denny Rehberg, on our TV show for the second time.  It’s not that I have never invited Baucus and Tester…..they have never have accepted our requests.  Same goes for the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Democrat legislative candidates…..get the picture?

We drove all the way to Bozeman for Jon Tester’s small business workshop to invite him on our show.  Did he accept?  No.  We even drove to Butte and attended the “Economic Summit” to invite Baucus on to our show and did he accept?  Of course not.  Although Baucus did say that if we tried to talk politics outside of the “free speech zone” that he’d cut us off at the knees.  Oh, and don’t forget the Giddyup speech!

So, here is your chance to watch our episode of the Patriot Chronicles.  There are 2 parts below.

Thanks for watching!


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