What does Western Kentucky have in common with Montana?

What do you think of when you think of our dear Senator, Jon Tester?  Certainly what does NOT pop up into my mind is open town halls, transparency, or professionalism.

We’ve seen him hold his town halls with handpicked audiences just as Baucus and the President do.  But can we blame him?  Who would want to come home to Montana and opening discuss his agenda with outraged constituents?  Maybe he should have thought about the people of Montana before voting in such a way?  But then, that’s just common sense.  Of which he has none.

So when this article came out that Jonny Boy would be campaigning in Kentucky it came as no surprise to me.  At least the Kentucky people aren’t outraged with his voting record.  Why not go to Kentucky?  Oh, wait!  That’s why, we pay his salary.  We expect him to spend what time he has talking to people of Montana…..NOT Kentucky!

Let’s get through the election in November and then we can begin focusing on 2012 and getting rid of people like Jon Tester who don’t seem to care an ounce about the people in Montana.

‘Jon Tester, D-Montana, is to campaign with Conway next week in Hopkinsville. Conway said Tester is a farmer and will be discussing farm issues with him in Western Kentucky. Meanwhile, Paul said he will announce at a campaign stop in …’

See Article Here.



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