THE moment has come

We’ve all seen campaigns where one party has all the momentum — races with real enthusiasm gaps. But you’re proving that’s just not the case in this election.

I’ve read reports about the work you’re already doing to contact voters — it’s unbelievable for an election like this.

But there are nine days left. Whether you’re one of the folks who’ve already helped reach out to 15 million voters or if you’re one of those who has been waiting for a time to get involved, that moment has come.

Will you contribute to a crucial get-out-the-vote shift in the final four days of our Vote 2010 campaign?

Let me tell you why this is so important. It’s not just that there are people out there who don’t know what’s at stake in this election.

It’s not just that there are folks who need one of us to call them and make the case.

The truth is that there are people in this country who are doing everything they can to make sure our supporters don’t make it out.

We’re up against more than apathy. What this election demands from us is an effort nothing short of extraordinary.

But I know we’re all ready to deliver just that.

Can you commit to pitching in to get out the vote?



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