7 days…..

What have you done to effect real change on November 2?

Whether or not you helped by talking to your neighbors, helping a candidate with a literature drop, making phone calls for your candidate of choice, or placing a bumper sticker on your car, there has been no better year than now to effect real change in both Washington as well as locally at home.

With only 7 days left until the election, political ads are everywhere!  Whether they be funny, attack-like, or just regular old ads, you can’t miss them.

Here is an ad that you must watch if you have not already!  Remember a while back when Barbara Boxer suggested he “worked hard for the title of Senator”?

Or how about this ad where Barney Frank’s opponent Sean Bielat released this video “Disco Dancing Queen”.

I don’t know about you but I will be pleased when November 2 comes and goes and TV is back to ‘normal’.  Then again, it’ll be on to 2012….


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