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commissioner dismisses complaint against montana shrugged

This is great news for our organization.  Although we knew we never broke political laws in Montana, the commissioner agrees.


The complaint has been dismissed by the Commission, but we will press on with the federal suit to get the statutes and regulations struck down so this can’t happen again and we can speak freely.
Let us know if you have any questions.


Read the Formal Dismissal Here (Click to read)




Just because here in Montana we have taken our state from horrible blue to red that does not mean that the fight for freedom and our future is over.  we still have a lot of work to do and we need to keep the pressure on.  So I urge you to continue to contact your MT reps and give them your ideas as to what types of bills you would like to see passed and maybe one of your ideas can become a great law in our state.


So… are all of your contacts for MT House of Reps:

Montana State House Representatives

2011 Legislators

HD 1       Republican Gerald (Jerry) Bennett (incumbent)

HD 2       Republican Mike Cuffe

HD 3       Republican Jerry O’Neil 

HD 4       Republican Derek Skees

HD 5       Republican Keith Regier (incumbent)

HD 6       Republican Bill Beck (incumbent)

HD 7       Republican Randy Brodehl   

HD 8       Republican Steve Lavin

HD 9       Republican Scott M. Reichner (incumbent)

HD 10    Republican Mark W. Blasdel (incumbent)

HD 11    Republican Janna Taylor (incumbent)

HD 12    Republican Daniel R. Salomon

HD 13    Republican Pat Ingraham (incumbent)

HD 14    Republican Gordon R. Hendrick (incumbent)

HD 15    Republican Joe Read

HD 16    Republican Lila J. Walter Evans

HD 17    Republican Christy Clark

HD 18    Republican Jesse O’Hara (incumbent)

HD 19    Republican Mike Milburn (incumbent)

HD 20    Republican Steve Fitzpartick      

HD 21    Democrat Jean Price             

HD 22    Democrat Trudi Schmidt

HD 23    Democrat Carlie Boland (incumbent)

HD 24    Republican Brian Hoven (incumbent)

HD 25    Republican Cleve J. Loney        

HD 26    Democrat Robert “Bob” Mehlhoff (incumbent)

HD 27    Republican Rob Cook           

HD 28    Republican Roy Hollandsworth

HD 29    Republican Ryan Osmundson 

HD 30    Republican Bill Harris               

HD 31    Democrat Frank J. Smith         

HD 32    Democrat Tony Belcourt (incumbent)

HD 33    Republican Kris Hansen    

HD 34    Republican Wendy Warburton (incumbent)

HD 35    Republican Wayne C. Stahl (incumbent)

HD 36    Republican Austin Knudsen        

HD 37    Republican Walter L McNutt (incumbent)

HD 38    Republican Matthew M. Rosendale, Sr. 

HD 39    Republican Lee Randall (incumbent)     

HD 40    Democrat Bill McChesney (incumbent)

HD 41    Republican Sterling Small

HD 42    Democrat Carolyn Pease-Lopez (incumbent)

HD 43    Republican Duane Ankney (incumbent)

HD 44    Republican Jonathan McNiven

HD 45    Republican Tom Berry (incumbent)

HD 46    Republican Ken Peterson (incumbent)

HD 47    Republican James Knox

HD 48    Republican Douglas “Doug” Kary

HD 49    Democrat Mary McNally

HD 50    Republican Tom McGillvray (incumbent)

HD 51    Democrat Robyn Driscoll (incumbent)

HD 52    Democrat Virginia Court

HD 53    Republican Elsie Arntzen (incumbent)

HD 54    Democrat Margie Macdonald (incumbent)

HD 55    Republican Cary Smith (incumbent)

HD 56    Republican Don Roberts (incumbent)     (406) 652-3536

HD 57    Republican Dan Kennedy

HD 58    Republican Krayton Kerns (incumbent)

HD 59    Republican Joanne G. Blyton

HD 60    Republican David Howard (incumbent)

HD 61    Republican John Esp


HD 63    Republican Tom Burnett

HD 64    Democrat Franke Wilmer (incumbent)

HD 65    Democrat Kathleen Williams

HD 66    Democrat Mike Phillips (incumbent)

HD 67    Republican Gordon (Gordy) Vance (incumbent)

HD 68    Republican Kelly Flynn

HD 69    Republican Ted Washburn (incumbent)

HD 70    Republican Michael (Mike) More (incumbent)

HD 71    Republican Bob Wagner (incumbent)

HD 72    Republican Jeffrey W. Welborn (incumbent)  No Contact  Info.

HD 73    Democrat Pat Noonan (incumbent)

HD 74    Republican Max Yates

HD 75    Democrat Edith (Edie) McClafferty (incumbent)

HD 76    Democrat Jon Sesso (incumbent)

HD 77    Republican Alan Hale

HD 78    Republican Steve Gibson

HD 79    Democrat Chuck Hunter (incumbent)

HD 80    Republican Liz Bangerter

HD 81    Democrat Galen Hollenbaugh (incumbent)

HD 82    Democrat Mike Menahan (incumbent)

HD 83    Republican Harry W. Klock

HD 84    Republican Mike Miller

HD 85    Democrat Cynthia Hiner (incumbent)

HD 86    Democrat Kathy Swanson

HD 87    Republican Patrick Connell

HD 88    Republican Ron Ehli  

HD 89    Republican Gary Maclaren (incumbent)

HD 90    Republican Edward Greef

HD 91    Democrat Timothy J. Furey (incumbent)

HD 92    Democrat Bryce Bennett

HD 93    Democrat Dick Barrett (incumbent)

HD 94    Democrat Ellie Hill

HD 95    Democrat Diane Sands (incumbent)

HD 96    Democrat Carolyn Squires (incumbent)

HD 97    Democrat Michele Reinhart (incumbent)

HD 98    Democrat Sue Malek (incumbent)

HD 99    Democrat Betsy Hands (incumbent)

HD 100  Republican Champ Edmunds


And here are all of your contacts for MT state senators!


Montana State Senate

2011 Legislature

SD 1       Republican Chas V. Vincent

SD 2       Republican Ryan  Zinke (incumbent)

SD 3       Republican Bruce Tutvedt (incumbent)

SD 4       Republican Jon Sonju

SD 5       Republican Verdell Jackson (incumbent)

SD 6       Republican John Brueggeman (incumbent)

SD 7       Republican Greg W Hinkle (incumbent)

SD 8       Democrat Shannon James Augare

SD 9       Republican Rick Ripley (incumbent)

SD 10     Democrat Bradley Maxon Hamlett (incumbent)

SD 11     Democrat Anders Blewett

SD 12     Democrat Mitch Tropila (incumbent)

SD 13     Republican Edward Buttry

SD 14     Republican LLew Jones

SD 15     Republican Jim Peterson (incumbent)

SD 16     Democrat Jonathan Windy Boy (incumbent)

SD 17     Republican Rowlie D. Hutton  No Contact Info.

SD 18     Republican John C Brenden (incumbent)

SD 19     Republican Donald Steinbeisser (incumbent)

SD 20     Republican Frederick “Eric” Moore

SD 21     Democrat Sharon Stewart-Peregoy (incumbent)

SD 22     Republican Taylor Brown (incumbent)

SD 23     Republican Alan Olson

SD 24     Democrat Kim J Gillan (incumbent)


SD 26     Democrat Lynda Moss (incumbent)

SD 27     Democrat Gary Branae (incumbent)

SD 28     Republican Jeff Essmann

SD 29     Republican Edward Walker

SD 30     Republican Jason Priest

SD 31     Republican Ron Arthun

SD 32     Democrat Larry Jent (incumbent)

SD 33     Democrat Bob Hawks (incumbent)

SD 34     Republican Joe Balyeat (incumbent)

SD 35     Republican Art Wittich

SD 36     Republican Debby Barrett (incumbent)

SD 37     Democrat Steve Gallus (incumbent)

SD 38     Democrat Jim Keane (incumbent)   Phone only (406) 723-8378

SD 39     Republican Terry L. Murphy (incumbent)

SD 40     Democrat Mary M. Caferro

SD 41     Democrat Christine Kaufmann (incumbent)

SD 42     Republican Dave Lewis (incumbent)

SD 43     Democrat Gene Vuckovich

SD 44     Republican Bob Lake

SD 45     Republican Jim Shockley (incumbent) Phone only (406) 642-3817

SD 46     Democrat Carol Williams (incumbent)

SD 47     Democrat Ron Erickson (incumbent)

SD 48     Democrat Tom Facey  facey_

SD 49     Democrat David E. Wanzenried (incumbent)

SD 50     Democrat Cliff Larsen (incumbent)












VOTE NO on Senate Bill 510!

This bill would subject farmers to excessive regulation and ultimately would threaten local producers, small farmers and perhaps your backyard garden. It is a bad bill that needs to be defeated. The Senate voted Wednesday to end cloture (debate) on S. 510 and delayed their vote on the bill until the first business day after Thanksgiving.
Senators Tester and Baucus, we know that you both voted to end debate so it could be swiftly passed during the lame duck Congress.  Senator Tester offered an amendment to exempt “small farmers” from the bill and subject them instead to state and local regulations.  Amendments do nothing to change language in the bill that ensures harmonization with the UN’s World Trade Organization agreement.
VOTE NO ON S.510!!!


You can find information on the bil at

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, many of us will be paying more for the turkey on the table- on average 28 cents per pound more than last year. This cost hike is mainly due to the increased costs of feed for the turkey farms, a main ingredient being corn. Corn prices continue to rise, affecting many farming and ranching enterprises including the beef industry.

Corn crops are being diverted to make bio-fuels, mainly ethanol. But this leaves less corn for traditional uses such as feed for animals such as turkeys and cattle. This makes the cost go up as demand increases for the corn. But with ethanol producers receiving subsidies (your tax $$$) from the federal government, there is no slowdown of ethanol production and our costs for food will continue to rise. And all of this in the cause of going “green”.

Going “green” is going to kill America- and the environment. A study by the ETC Group (an international environmental organization) actually has determined that energy from so-called “green” bio-fuels are -hold your breath- more harmful to the environment than energy derived from sources such as coal. This information was published recently in an 84 page report and was reported by Fox News ( for more information, click this link Bio-Fuels More Harmful Than Coal )

If ethanol production was not subsidized by the federal government, it would be a much smaller or even non-existent industry. Anytime that anything is subsidized it is basically a failed experiment. If it was really a good idea, and profitable to the producers, it would be done- without any subsidies- in the name of making true profits. That is how capitalism works.

Add to the above drawbacks the fact that ethanol is a far less efficient fuel and there really is no upside to this so-called “green” bio-fuel.  Cap and trade legislation may be dead in Congress, but the EPA is going full steam ahead with implementing regulations that will basically enact a lot of the cap and trade components. This is basically governing by regulation instead of legislation. Non-elected green liberal progressive appointees in the EPA are deciding the future path of America’s energy policies instead of our elected officials.

A big scam is being pulled on the American people in the name of going “green”. We need to be aware of this and urge our elected officials to end subsidies (your tax dollars) for these failed bio-fuel experiments. It will strengthen our economy, and reduce our tax burden at the same time.

Democrats Still Clueless

This past week, it has become obvious that the Democratic Party in Washington DC is still absolutely clueless about how “We the People” want  America to be, and how we want Congress and the White House to be ran.
The mid-term elections of November 2nd brought a lot of good change to Washington DC politics, and the Republican Party seems to be getting the message that “We the People” want less spending, less taxes, and less government. We will have to wait and see how they actually do their jobs coming up in the next session of Congress before that report card gets it’s final grade though.
On the other hand, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are still up to their old tricks. Obama just came back from another world tour, which accomplished absolutely nothing except for humiliating him and costing us taxpayers $2 million dollars a day for his trip. The other world leaders see Obama as a joke (which he is) but the downside of this is that it reflects on all of us as a nation. It is a pity that “We the People” of this great country have to put up with him as President for 2 more years.
The Democratic Party emerged from the mid-term elections as even more liberal and progressive than before, as most of the so-called moderate politicians lost their jobs to Republicans. This leaves only the far-left kooks in office, and they will be like lemmings following Pelosi, Reid, and Obama over the cliff to their demise.
In the meantime, we have to make sure that the lame-duck Congress doesn’t cram though any more bad legislation in the next month or so. The Democrats failed to hear the American people who went to the polls, and still have their focus on a socialist agenda.
With the holiday season soon upon us, it is easy to get sidetracked and caught up in the festivities and forget about politics. But remember, that is how we got here in the first place- not paying attention to what Congress was actually doing. Please try and remain attentive to what is going on in Washington DC, and don’t let the lame-duck Democrats leave “We the People” a lump of coal as a Christmas gift year.
“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.”- Thomas Paine
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” – Thomas Paine

Death Tax

H.R. 6415, known as “The Tax Relief Certainty Act,” would permanently repeal the death tax.  You can read more about the bill here.


Please push for support from Senator Baucus and Senator Tester.


Nobody wants to be like California….and why would they?

I think we all understand how devastating Cap and Tax would have been had it passed in Washington DC but it’s still on the table.  Take a look at California to see how bad it would be if passed on national level.
Just because Cap and Trade did not pass on a federal level does not mean it doesn’t exist on a state level.
What is Proposition 23 in California? Proposition 23 would have dismantled California’s AB32/Cap and Trade, a global warming initiative passed in 2006. Presently, the state has a 12.4% unemployment rate. On November second, Proposition 23 did not get the votes and AB32/Cap and Trade continues legislative implementation in California. When Proposition 23 gained national attention, the news talked about environmental groups against oil tycoons. The bigger story are the people within the state; businesses, individuals concerned for their family and jobs and activists in many organizations including the Tea Party have studied AB32 and understand Cap and Trades long term negative effects on the California economy. The movement against AB32 was not enough against the environmental “CooCoo” groups and Democrat run welfare state.
Who stands to gain in the implementation of Cap and Trade in California. The Heartland Institute summarizes it best:
“Why would Wall Street be lining up to support a law that supposedly reins in “big polluters”? Not some altruistic desire to save the planet from an unsettled climate. Those companies and investors have business model that rely on state subsidies and rules mandating use of incredibly expensive “alternative energy” over cheaper, traditional power sources.

That isn’t altruism; that’s good, old-fashioned rent-seeking—which is itself a euphemism for legalized extortion.

Second, the promise of “green jobs” cannot make up for the loss of traditional manufacturing and tech jobs that will be lost if AB 32 regulations take effect next year as planned. Says who? Not “out-of-state oil interests,” but the state government.

A little-noticed draft report by a special advisory panel to the California Air Resources Board in December noted matter-of-factly how AB 32’s policies “can be expected to raise the price of fuels and these price increases will be reflected in higher prices of consumer goods.”

Basically, California can look forward to increased fines, fees, energy prices and taxes under the name of global warming to fullfill pet projects for the state and Wall Street. Do we see a trend? We learned about what is happening in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago. If a state has no more money in the “till”, then the states, in this case, California, finds creative ways, like global warming, to create more revenue since state tax revenue is not enough. Interesting……….
Here is the funny part, Jerry Brown has been reelected governor. A man, who forty years ago opened up the doors to increased state spending that put California in financial despair. He was attorney General helping to sign and implement Cap and Trade under Governor Schwarzeneggers leadership. Now, Jerry Brown can follow through on his long term goals with Wall Steet, Enviromental groups, and other small selected groups who financially gain from Cap and Trade to continue to make California a bigger welfare state than ever before.
Are there any next steps to combat Cap and Trade In California. YES!!! There are attorney generals from four states; North Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, and Alabama planning to file a lawsuit. (The article is below) I do not feel this will be enough to stop Cap and Trade in California but  there are states concerned and taking action. There should be more people involved.
America, be open to the facts that this could happen in your state. Understanding a Representatives voting record and history is important. What is happening in DC is important but what you do in your communities, where the real change begins, is paramount.
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