.A lesson in progressivism.

I just attended a democratic “GOTV” event at MSU in Billings. I wasn’t actually invited. TEA Party is never invited to these events. But, did that stop us from utilizing our constitutional rights? You bet it didn’t!

This might tell how old Senator Baucus is…..he called the college campus “eastern”…..

Max Baucus being interviewed by local news media.

McDonald (candidate for US Congress running against incumbent Denny Rehberg) showed up without a horse….or an ass. I thought he was still on his trek across the state but I guess I was wrong. Apparently that is over with. He left them both at home.
Jon Tester was also there as well as the S.O.S. Linda McCulloch.

McDonald (running against incumbent Rehberg)

First I have to ask: Is it legal for the S.O.S. to tell a bunch of college students to ‘vote democrat’? She works for republicans and independent voters too doesn’t she? How can she spend our tax dollars travelling across the state to tell folks to specifically vote democrat?

Eric got a chance to visit with Baucus, Tester, McDonald and various staff members. This seems to be a once in a lifetime situation for the tea party as they don’t tend to show up to our events or hold town halls to allow questions from the general public.

McDonald refused to admit that he’d ever been invited on to our TV program, The Patriot Chronicles, but then when invited for the Thursday show he knew exactly what time and in what location we taped. Coincidence, or did he get all the emails I’ve sent him in the past couple months?

The democrats clearly do not want the tea party to appear at any of their events. That was evident from all the annoyed facial expressions and rolling of eyes that occurred.

I was approached by, who I believe to be, a college democrat from MSUB who tried to force me to wear a nametag. When I refused she quickly told me that if I did not wear a nametag she assumed me to be a protester (without any type of protest sign in my hand mind you!) and the “Free Speech Zone” was ¼ mile down the road! She attempted but failed to shoo me out the door.

Isn’t a college campus a public place? Also, can’t I listen to what my senators are talking about? Like I said before, this seemed to be ‘once in a lifetime deal’ as Baucus and Tester refuse to hold town halls without hand selected crowds.

A friend of mine’s 12 year old daughter wanted to meet Baucus, to shake his hand and ask a question. She got the hand shake in and as she began to ask her question Baucus quickly turned the other way and ignored her existence. Could he be any ruder? Why don’t you talk to your constituents Baucus? I realize she may not be of voting age but she’s impressionable and shouldn’t you want to know what she is thinking?

Van Dyk conversing with Senator Max Baucus

I believe every single candidate running on the D ticket in Yellowstone County was there including Kendall Van Dyk, Margie McDonald, and a bunch of others I won’t continue to list. That’s not the point I’m trying to make here. If you want to know the rest of their names you can feel free to visit the Montana election site.

All the D's standing in a row.....

Just like at the economic summit in Butte Baucus got up on stage and got the couple folks there to chant things such as “max max max” and “billings billings billings”. Jon Tester read off (a very short list at that) a list of all the accomplishments that the democrats have got through the door since he took office 2 years ago. Mcdonald said after tomorrow the blue sky will be ‘bluer’.

We were a bit disappointed that Kendall Van Dyk stayed far away from the both of us. He’s a self-declared “fiscal conservative” so you figure he’d be first in line to talk to the tea party. Especially since deficit spending and the budget is one of the most important issues to us. All we got from him was an ugly look and we figured we’d not approach him after that.

KVD with his buddy, Senator Jon Tester

We took video of the entire event so I will post that tomorrow once I get it converted. But all in all, I’m glad I went. We got another invitation for our TV program to Baucus, Tester, McDonald and also got one in to Jay Bell. I hope that they all agree to be guests on our show and to talk to the real people of Montana.

Max finally takes the time to shake the 'tea parties' hand.

As I’ve seen them ignore so many of us in the past I’m sure that will not happen, but it’s worth a shot.


2 responses to “.A lesson in progressivism.

  • Joe

    So this is where the out of touch go to get away from people who don’t believe the propaganda?

  • Nicole French

    I’m so disappointed that Dayah wasn’t able to ask Max if she could assist him in reading senate bills- she may be 12, but she does read at a college level- certainly higher than Max. She was certainly confused by the discussion of “blue skies” and such. As I watched the fantasy the liberals were playing in, I wondered how we’d react to a couple of obvious progressives carrying video cameras as they attended our victory party tomorrow night. For a moment I felt a little guilty but then I remembered that the Crowne Plaza is a private business, one not funded by taxpayers, and that none of us are being paid by the government to promote our politics…

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