THERE WILL BE NO MONUMENT – straight from his blackberry!

This is a conversation that went back and forth between a Montana resident and Senator Max Baucus. He must have been on top of his game this day as I have yet to receive a coherent email from him that isn’t totally off subject and contains canned message. But straight from the horses mouth…..their will be no monument?



I remember *** well. Great guy! Solid, friendly, good guy. I remember a big smile. I also think I remember *** looking over to the side of the chamber at your mother for her sense of an issue being debated.

*****, I care about jobs and income in E. Montana as much as you. I come from and was raised by a ranching family. The place is in my blood. I’ll do my best.

I especially liked our meeting yesterday. Malta and Phillips folks are some of the most real and solid people in our state. Really down to earth and working hard. It means a lot to me.

There will be no monument.

Great hearing from you. Best to your mom.


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Dear Senator Baucus:

I appreciate the fact that you made an appearance at Malta on Friday, October 29th re: the proposed Monument. I would like to take you at your word that there will not be any Monument status designated on that land. Certainly Mr. Salazar understands this also. I sincerely believe that this is a creeping, crawling effort to push us off our lands in any way possible.

I stand by my comment at the meeting that windmills and solar panels, any of the exclusive ‘green’ energy remedies, are not sustainable. And we can certainly not afford to subsidize them without access to our own natural resources. I also take exception to the fact that you had spoken to “business men, real business men” who talked of the virtues of green energy. Senator Baucus— you were speaking to business men and women in Malta. We own and manage farms, ranches and business in towns across Montana. We also believe in being allowed to run our businesses to make a profit. Maybe then Montana can begin to crawl out of the basement of the per capita income roster.

I didn’t get a chance to shake your hand and really wanted to ask if you happened to remember, way back, the two State Representatives who were seated at each side of you in the Montana Legislature when you were a ‘newbie’. My mother reminded me, not long ago, that my father sat to one side of you. His name was ****** ‘***’ **** from Poplar. How far you’ve come! But in that vein, I feel like President Reagan must have felt: “I didn’t leave the Democrat party, they left me.” What in the world has become of the party?? If you truly believe in the principles of the Progressive agenda, then please let me know.




In chatting privately with Max Baucus, he said, in confidence, that they will take it without monument status…they already have group in there buying up ranch after ranch…funds are coming from democratic Soros.  Eventually in not too distant future they will sell to federal government for huge profit and lock US out.  They will import their brucellosis infected bison from Turner Ranch …… know the rest of the story..

It will take some mighty bold action in holding all Congress feet to fire to stop this train wreck…Would have to talk old ranchers out of taking the money and running … do you do that?
Something to think about…I wouldn’t put it past these life long politicians to look the other way.

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