Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, many of us will be paying more for the turkey on the table- on average 28 cents per pound more than last year. This cost hike is mainly due to the increased costs of feed for the turkey farms, a main ingredient being corn. Corn prices continue to rise, affecting many farming and ranching enterprises including the beef industry.

Corn crops are being diverted to make bio-fuels, mainly ethanol. But this leaves less corn for traditional uses such as feed for animals such as turkeys and cattle. This makes the cost go up as demand increases for the corn. But with ethanol producers receiving subsidies (your tax $$$) from the federal government, there is no slowdown of ethanol production and our costs for food will continue to rise. And all of this in the cause of going “green”.

Going “green” is going to kill America- and the environment. A study by the ETC Group (an international environmental organization) actually has determined that energy from so-called “green” bio-fuels are -hold your breath- more harmful to the environment than energy derived from sources such as coal. This information was published recently in an 84 page report and was reported by Fox News ( for more information, click this link Bio-Fuels More Harmful Than Coal )

If ethanol production was not subsidized by the federal government, it would be a much smaller or even non-existent industry. Anytime that anything is subsidized it is basically a failed experiment. If it was really a good idea, and profitable to the producers, it would be done- without any subsidies- in the name of making true profits. That is how capitalism works.

Add to the above drawbacks the fact that ethanol is a far less efficient fuel and there really is no upside to this so-called “green” bio-fuel.  Cap and trade legislation may be dead in Congress, but the EPA is going full steam ahead with implementing regulations that will basically enact a lot of the cap and trade components. This is basically governing by regulation instead of legislation. Non-elected green liberal progressive appointees in the EPA are deciding the future path of America’s energy policies instead of our elected officials.

A big scam is being pulled on the American people in the name of going “green”. We need to be aware of this and urge our elected officials to end subsidies (your tax dollars) for these failed bio-fuel experiments. It will strengthen our economy, and reduce our tax burden at the same time.


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