“Montana Coordination Act of 2011”


“Putting our people in Montana back to work and encouraging the use of our natural resources.” Here is how this will work.

State Senator Greg Hinkle is sponsoring a bill called, “Montana Coordination Act of 2011” which puts local and Federal governments on an equal negotiating basis. No longer will federal agencies be able to close roads, prevent harvesting our forests, or place wolves in our state without our consent.

This State bill will require local governments to invoke “Coordination” with the federal agencies. They must comply because “Coordination” is mandated in Federal laws.

If there ever was a Bill we need to pass, this is it.

What can you do to help?

Please read the 4-page Report included with this notice.  In it you will find key points you may use to inform others and to testify at the upcoming Senate and House hearings.

What is needed when this bill comes up for a hearing is for you to muster as many people as you can to go to Helena to testify in support of the bill.

Please pay close attention to the workings of our State Government.

The status of the bill and all related actions, including hearing schedules, will be found at http://laws.leg.mt.gov/laws11/law0203w$.startup.  You will have to search for the bill either by number, or by Primary Sponsor (Hinkle).  A number has not yet been assigned to the bill.

If you would like email updates on the status of this bill you may submit your email address to Ron Olfert (rolfert@blackfoot.net).  This information will be kept confidential.


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