Top Priority – Contact your Montana Legislators

There are currently over 2000 pieces of legislation introduced by legislators in the early weeks of the 2011 session.  The ones below we believe are of top priority.

Please take a moments and contact your legislators at the Capital in Helena and advise them of your concerns.

We don’t want Feds coming in to seize our land, water or citizens or telling us what to do

We don’t need to be giving driver’s licenses to illegals & letting them & non-residents vote

STATES’ RIGHTS – 10th Amendment

HJ 4 Resolution opposing new national monuments & further restrictions on public use of federal lands.  (Referred to Federal Relations, Energy, and Telecommunications Committee,Chair: Harry Klock – ) READ THE BILL HERE

SB 114 Federal agent seeking to arrest, search or seize in Montana must 1st obtain written permission from Sheriff, permission expires in 48 hours. (Referred to Judiciary Committee, Chair: Jim Shockley – (406)444-4800) READ THE BILL HERE

SB 117 sponsored by Greg Hinkle.  This is good for States Rights.  Feds must coordinate plans/policies with local govt/school districts as equal partners, Feds cannot impose rules. (Referred to Local Government Committee, Chair: Jon Sonju – ) READ THE BILL HERE

SJ 6 Resolution urging Congress to provide checks/balance on (1) President’s power to declare National Monuments & (2) further regulatory restrictions on developing Federal lands (Referred to Natural Resources Committee, Chair: Debby Barrett – READ THE BILL HERE

SJ 7 Opposes Federal government’s grab of non-navigable waters (Referred to Natural Resources Committee, Chair: Debby Barrett – READ THE BILL HERE


SB 106 sponsored by Jason Priest.  Compel participation in states’ lawsuit against Obamacare (Referred to Judiciary Committee, Chair: Chair: Jim Shockley – (406)444-4800) READ THE BILL HERE

SB 125 Prohibits state from helping Feds collect fines from individuals & employers who violate Obamacare insurance mandate (Referred to Public Health, Welfare and Safety, Chair: Terry Murphy – READ THE BILL HERE


HB 178 State must use E-Verify to prove lawful presence in US before issuing driver’s license/state ID (Referred to Transportation Committee, Chair: Gordon Vance – READ THE BILL HERE


HB 152 Prove residency/identity for voting: Show drivers license/state ID to vote, give license # on absentee application (Referred to State Administration Committee, Chair: Pat Ingraham – READ THE BILL HERE


LC001 (in drafting) – Revises equipment tax – draft not yet available


SB 44 authored by Taylor Brown but pushed by Denise Juneau…raises age for kids to be in school to 18.  If they do not they have to enroll in other government programs for continuing education.  We say vote against.  Do not need more government programs.  Need incentives for teachers to teach and children to learn.  Fix the curriculum, etc. (Referred to Education and Cultural Resources Committee,  Chair: Ryan Zinke – READ THE BILL HERE

HB 154 sponsored by James Knox.  This bill eliminates language that only allows teachers to apply for Superintendant positions.  We believe it should be open to any and all capable people…Please say yes to bill. (Referred to Education Committee, Chair: Scott Reichner – READ THE BILL HERE


SJ 2 Resolution urging Congress to withdraw US from UN (Referred to Judiciary Committee, Chair: Jim Shockley – (406)444-4800) READ THE BILL HERE

Stay tuned for weekly recommendations on legislations.




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