A Letter to our great Senator Baucus

Dear Senator Baucus,

How dare you tell the American public that anything the federal government does with healthcare is good for US.

The reality is that the current system is bust and it is bust for a reason….federal government.  Excessive costs and regulations permeate throughout the healthcare and insurance industries.  The system is fraught with waste, fraud and corruption costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

Pharmaceuticals costs have gone out of sight due to interference from Federal Government.

Premiums have gone out of sight do to the terrible practices of not paying doctors and hospitals the going wage for services.  This extra loss to them is turned around to honest taxpayers in their premiums.  Premiums have gone out of sight in past twenty years.  Medicare and medicaid costs have skyrocketed as the system allows all welfare people and non insured people such as illegal aliens to abuse the system.  Government policies have caused the premiums of ordinary hard working Americans to become very expensive, hence the advent of catastrophic policies.  These policies forced on Americans due to Government excessive interference in healthcare have created high premiums with little to no coverage.  This is tragic.

And the news this week has the CBO saying repeal of healthcare would save America $1 billion and some change.

So whose numbers are right.

History shows us that entitlement programs controlled and managed by governments cannot survive and become too expensive and too inefficient.  They represent a major portion of the deficit budget.. When the great society was rammed down our throats by Johnson and the Congress, the cost increased the budget by thirty five percent.  Now it is well over 55% of budget.  Government needs to take a step back and examine its policies and its budgets..Hard choices need to be made to bring budget in line with revenues..Remember federal revenues are not GDP enhancers.  They detract from our country’s welfare…general welfare.

Max, come on now, you are talking to educated adults… who are you kidding about benefit of tax cuts…this is a dream on your part.  In reality, an average business will not benefit from your tax benefits provided.  The range of benefits actually will increase taxes and decrease business profits.  One of the major problems with legislators such as you is that you have no concept on what makes a business grow.  I have been in business for over thirty years and it has been struggle ever since. Government regulations and tax policy make it near impossible to plan from one year to next.  Your tax benefit message is a mute point.  Please do not bring it up again. Your best bet in DC is to privatize the government agencies to reduce debt load.  Reduce tax burdens on people and their employers so prosperity will again return to America.

Medicare has been in jeopard since the day it started.  it needs to be revamped.  it needs to be minimized or eliminated.  best bet would be to privatize it and let government have minimal oversight. Max, if you grand legislators do not get handle on deficits which medicare is a big part, the country will be bust by 2017.

And the biggest lie of all is that Obamacare will reduce premiums and cost to employers.  Wow.  Do you not get it.  One government agency manipulating numbers for another is as big a crony system in the world.  Sure when you know the answer you want to put out to public the complimentary agency somehow miraculously comes up with the numbers.  If you research history of our government the projected costs and interference have always been underestimated.  Our national debt and deficits reflect this history.

Max, I know that you are the proud sponsor of legislation that you neither wrote or read.  Your lobby friends in the background drafted this up without any of your input.  Please be honest with America and your constituents.  Please tell them that 159 new federal agencies will affect the cost of their healthcare and will be huge burden on budgets and will ultimately cost taxpayer dearly.

keeping kids on policies to 26, pre existing conditions etc that you mentioned can be handled if we allowed for parents to keep a health policy that follows them from job to job and or life change to life change.  The free market system would take care of premiums and premiums would be manageable.

Government has become a huge burden on America with its excessive over extravagant wages and benefits.  Legislators have become beholding to their lobby masters and not to serving the public best interest.

Austerity is imminent in America.  So I suggest that you vote for repeal of this onerous bill and get to work fixing the budget excesses and deficits.

We the people command that you do this as our public servant.

Now can we talk about Cap and Trade…….another chapter I presume…

And these comments are echoed to our local city, county and state legislators as well.

God Bless America……


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