TEA party convention, Upcoming Luncheon, Top Priority Bills….

I am just amazed at how fast time flies by when you are chasing politicians.

There are many great things happening in Helena, Montana.  The new conservatives there combined with the good old guard are passing critical legislation to enhance our States Rights and reduce the bulging Schweitzer budgets.

This success in Helena could not have happened without your great support and voting conservative last November.

We have lots of work to do to continue working through legislation in Helena for next two months.  The progressive agenda on the left is being pushed hard in committees.  The State, County and local governments are lobbying hard to keep your taxes high, keep your healthcare costs high, limit your individual rights and freedoms, etc.. This is tragic but the true nature of government protecting their extravagant wages and benefits.  We at Montana Shrugged are fighting this push daily and we need your support on the bills as well as generous financial contributions so that we may forge ahead on this successful movement.

We have Montana’s First Annual TEA party Convention to be held in Helena on February 18-19.  Please make every effort to be there. This convention is historic for Montana as very few States have had a State Convention as yet. This puts Montana as leaders in this effort and puts our agenda of limited government, lower budgets, no deficits, lower taxes and prosperity for all on the fast track.

The details for the convention are on our website at www.montanashrugged.com.  Please sign up before 10th of February to save extra fees.

If you do not know already, we now have 5000 email members.  This makes Montana Shrugged one of the largest groups, if not the largest group in America.  This is astounding and we thank you all for jumping on board.  Our voices are being heard loud and clear even though you do not see it in local news.  The movement is huge across America and with your help and contributions; we will make another huge change in 2012.

Historically, a party needs control of all three branches of federal government to make changes and the Democratic Party has been successful a considerable portion of time over past 100 years.  The Republican Party has only had this control for 4 years of that time. Hence we have many costly social programs that are bankrupting our great nation.    For example, President Johnson rammed through his Great Society in the 1960’s which immediately increase federal budget 35%.  These programs now represent over 60% of federal budget and are huge burdens on State budgets.  We need to fix these problems through instilling personal responsibility and accountability into the individual.  We need to improve the free enterprise system as we diminish the size of government as did President Calving Coolidge resulting in the Roaring Twenties.  Our mission is to reinstate the roaring twenties but 100 years later.  Are you with US?

Again, we can only do this with your continued personal and financial support.  Please send $50, $25, $10 or any sum you can afford. Remember that you are investing in America and its future.

Thank you and please come rally with US in Helena at the Convention.

Registration Form

Convention Agenda



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